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BDO Visa Gold®
Credit cards

BDO Visa Gold®

Updated: 14.10.2022

The Visa Gold card is one of the many options of the BDO credit cards. This card has various unique features like a charge-free exclusive travel insurance coverage. The BDO Visa Gold card charges a principal fee of ₱200 and a supplementary membership fee of ₱100 per month, with the first year completely waived off.

Features of the BDO Visa gold card

The BDO Visa Gold card offers a lot of features to its users. You can use this card to:

  • Provide buy now and pay later facility. This BDO Visa Gold card allows users to purchase products or make payment for services installmentally in over 18,000+ online partners or in-stores with zero interest.

  • Provides discounts and free perks. The BDO Visa Gold card allows users to enjoy discounts and other privileges whenever they use their cards in any of BDO’s online partners or in-stores pay on demand. The BDO Visa Gold card allows users to charge their utility bills daily.

  • Provides global acceptance. Unlike other Visa cards, the BDO Visa Gold card is accepted worldwide.

  • Provides auto payment options. The BDO Visa Gold card allows users to enrol various utility bills on their credit cards to make payments automatically.

Pros and cons of the BDO Visa Gold card

The Visa Gold card is one of the most acceptable BDO credit cards available. However, before choosing this card, it is vital to understand its pros and drawbacks.


  • You get discounts and other privileges every time you use the BDO Visa Gold card.

  • You get more secure online shopping with lighter and more enjoyable deals.

  • You get to make purchases and make payments later.

  • You also get up to ₱1,000,000 in travel inconvenience and accident insurance.


  • The buy and pay later program can lead to unchecked purchases, resulting in a long list of debts users may find difficult to repay.

  • If cardholders are not cautious, they may be vulnerable to online fraud.

  • Some terms and conditions must be met before becoming eligible for most of their discounts.

How to register for the BDO Visa Gold card

If you are looking to get a BDO Visa Gold card, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the BDO official websitel.

  2. Click on Cards, and then scroll down and select Forms and related information.

  3. Go to Visa Gold under the Visa caps and click on Apply online.

  4. Fill out all subsequent forms you are directed to and provide the required documents.

  5. When done with the process, click on Submit to confirm your application.

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