BDO JCB Gold®: interest rates, available limits, cashback and bonuses. Full conditions for obtaining a credit card online. The procedure for registration and receipt online or at a bank branch. Features.

The BDO JCB Gold card is accepted in more than 190 countries and has more than 80 million cardholders across the globe. It is mainly known for its unique and splendid service. Its service includes double rewards points at its partner stores to make purchases compatible for their users.   

Features of BDO JCB Gold card

Some of the most exciting features of the BDO JCB Gold card that excites users a lot and make them part of it are:

  • Special discount offers. This card provides users an exclusive discount on every purchase they make from their partner stores and worldwide brands. 

  • No membership fees. People like things that are easy to reach and cost nothing. The main reason behind its success in the market is its free membership fees.

  • Extra rewards on spending. The BDO JCB Gold card cardholders receive two Peso Points for every ₱1,000 qualified spend from their BDO JCB gold card.

  • Exclusive international deals. Every worldwide Bench & Partner company of BDO offers special discounts and gifts to the cardholders during promotions.  

Pros and cons of BDO JCB Gold card

Here are some of the pros and cons of the BDO JCB Gold card credit card that you should know before applying for one:


  • It comes with a lot of promos and discounts for cardholders.

  • It can be used all over the country and globe at different stores.

  • It is easily accessible for people online who want to be a part of it.

  • It is free of cost for the first supplementary cardholder.

  • It has several payment options for users.

  • Its cardholders can enjoy a free membership fee for the first year.


  • It has several terms and conditions a cardholder needs to understand before being qualified for it. 

  • The user needs to be cautious with shops that do not have verifiable physical stores or websites.

How to apply for the BDO JCB Gold card

To apply for the BDO JCB Gold card, visit the bank's website or call on (02) 8631-8000. After visiting the website, you need to follow this simple step-by-step procedure:  

  1. Open the website and move your cursor on Apply for card.

  2. After that, click on Suggest me a card then Credit cards and then Right card for you.

  3. Then click on Mastercard and look for BDO JCB Gold cards to apply now.

  4. After completing the previous steps, you only need to fill in the information asked. 

  5. In this step, you need to choose if you are an existing principal credit card holder or not.

  6. After that, you need to upload the document asked for and tick on the Terms of acceptance box.

  7. The last step is to enter the verification code and click on Submit.

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