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BDO Installment Card®
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BDO Installment Card®

Updated: 14.10.2022

The BDO Installment Card is a credit card owned by BDO Unibank that allows you to convert your credit limit to cash and pay in convenient payments of up to 36 months. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has approved it, and it can be used by a Filipino or a business operating in the Philippines. This article will educate you more about its features and explain how to obtain one.

Features of BDO Installment Card

Below are some of the features of the BDO Installment Card:

  • Cash accessibility. Accessible cash can be obtained from any BDO branch, by SMS, the cash availment hotline (02-8688-1212), or online (click on Avail cash button on the BDO website). Users can also use SM bills payment counters to avail this service.

  • Financial flexibility. You can choose when and how much of your permitted credit limit to use.

  • Cash availment. Every time you pay, your available credit limit is immediately refilled. You can re-apply at any time up to your total credit amount.

  • Hassle-free application. The application process is simple and can be availed through payment counters. There is no need to pay processing fees, declare co-makers, or provide collateral.

  • Low-interest rate. It has one of the cheapest monthly effective interest rates at approximately 2% per month.

  • Minimal requirements. The card has been designed in a way that it can be availed with minimal requirements. People with work permit, alien certificate, etc. can also apply for this card through BDO Unibank Inc.

Pros and cons of the BDO Installment Card

The BDO Installment Card has numerous benefits and perks, but it is also essential to consider the disadvantages before you visit any BDO branch to apply for one.


  • It has a meager monthly interest rate compared to competitors.

  • Its refilling feature allows the card to refill every time you make a payment immediately.

  • It will enable you to convert your credit limit automatically into cash.


  • There are several restrictions and conditions that must be met to qualify for discounts and deals.

  • It has some fees, penalties, credit limits, and prerequisites you need to accept.

How to apply for a BDO Installment Card

Follow the steps below to apply for a BDO Installment Card:

  1. Visit the BDO official website and click on Personal.

  2. Click on CardsCredit cardsRight card for You, then Browse by brand.

  3. Click on Mastercard, look for Installment card, and click on Apply now under it.

  4. Enter your first, middle, and last name, and then select your age range.

  5. Enter your residence mobile phone number, your area code, and your mobile number, and then select your mobile plan 

  6. Enter your email address.

  7. Choose if you are an existing principal credit card holder.

  8. Upload your document attachment and tick on the Terms of acceptance box if you accept the terms.

  9. Enter the verification code and click on Submit.

Application eligibility

Applicants must:

  • Be Filipino citizens or permanent residents (those who have lived in the Philippines for at least two years) who are 21 years old or older but not more than 70 years old whenever the card expires.

  • Be salaried employees with a monthly salary of ₱120,000 or ₱400,000 for self-employed individuals/professionals.

  • Have worked for their present company for more than two years.

  • Have a landline phone number.

Application requirements

BDO will need you to provide identity as well as evidence of income. You must have all the following valid documents:

  • Proof of identification for Filipinos

    • Philippine Government passport

    • Driver’s license

    • TIN card

    • Cash availment form

  • Proof of identification for foreigners

    • Valid work permit and visa

    • Alien certificate registration

    • Valid passport

    • Immigrant certificate

  • Proof of income for employed applicants

    • Photocopy of latest income tax return or BIR form 2316

    • Original certificate of employment

    • Latest payslip

  • Proof of income for self-employed applicants

    • Photocopy of the latest ITR

    • Audited financial statements

    • SEC registration of business name

    • Bank statement

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