BDO Diamond UnionPay®

BDO Diamond UnionPay®: interest rates, available limits, cashback and bonuses. Full conditions for obtaining a credit card online. The procedure for registration and receipt online or at a bank branch. Features.

Traveling to Asia with a BDO Diamond UnionPay credit card helps you improve your shopping experience. Using the card when you make purchases also entitles you to discounts and freebies. 


With the BDO Diamond UnionPay, you can take advantage of the U•plan, which offers discounts of up to 30% from various participating stores via electronic coupons. You can also use the concierge service provided by AXA Partners. The concierge provides a wide range of luxurious services, such as assisting you with any special needs you may have for entertainment, shopping, travel, or medical care. 

Your card also includes comprehensive travel insurance, including ₱ 20 million in coverage for accidental death and dismemberment while traveling. Additionally, you receive coverage for up to ₱1.5 million in medical expense reimbursement, ₱ 80,000 for loss or damage to baggage, ₱25,000 for loss of credit card or cash, and ₱ 3,000 per six hours for flight and baggage delays. Besides that, you have access to installment plans like Buy Now, Pay Later, which are helpful if your credit limit prevents you from paying the total price for an item.

Pros and cons of BDO Diamond UnionPay

The BDO Diamond UnionPay has various features like allowing you to enroll multiple utility bills to your BDO Credit Card for automatic bill payment. Additionally, you save money on costs, get gifts, privileges, and 24-hour customer service. Although this card has many benefits, it has fees and other charges. So, keep these disadvantages in mind when applying for this card. 


  • Your annual membership fee is waived for the first three years. 

  • You can pay for local purchases in Philippine pesos and international purchases in US dollars when you use the dual currency billing option. 


  • If you do not spend at least ₱ 600,000 per year, you pay an annual fee of ₱5000 after the three years are up. 

  • If you have lost your card and need to replace it, you pay ₱400. 

How to Apply for a BDO Diamond UnionPay 

You can apply for the BDO JCB Platinum by Following these steps: 

  1. Visit their website.

  2. Click Personal, then Cards.

  3. Tap on Credit Cards.

  4. Select the Apply for a Credit Card option.

  5. Click Select a Brand for My New Card.

  6. Choose UnionPay, then Diamond UnionPay.

  7. Click on APPLY NOW.

  8. Fill out the details as prompted, and click the Submit button.

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