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American Express® Platinum Credit Card
Credit cards

American Express® Platinum Credit Card

Updated: 14.10.2022

BDO's American Express® Platinum Credit Card gives you exclusive access to the finest dining, travel, fashion, art, and entertainment wherever you transact anytime. You get to practice financial management when you make online purchases and earn rewards and privileges exceptional selection of year-round offers. 


With this BDO American Express® Platinum, you can use the dual currency billing feature to have both peso and dollar currency on one card for in-person or online shopping. Then, for every ₱45 spent on local purchases or $1 on international transactions using this BDO credit card, you earn 1 membership rewards point. You can then redeem these reward points for trips and shopping gift certificates. You can also pay medical bills, school tuition, and purchase home appliances as well as gadgets. When flying, you and a guest can visit the Maharba (Skyview) lounge at NAIA Terminal 3 for free, courtesy of American Express® Platinum. 

You may also use the frequent traveler program, in which you are automatically enrolled, and convert your membership rewards points into air miles or hotel loyalty points for free stays. Additionally, you enjoy exclusive discounts and privileges, cash advance, travel insurance coverage, complimentary lifestyle concierge, lounge access, purchase protection by Pacific cross, exceptional service and support, world-class service from partner merchants, and scheduling medical consultations. For complimentary travel accident protection, you get protected for up to ₱20 million. Then, in case of any accident, you can request a claim form so your payment can be processed. 

You also get installment programs Buy Now, Pay Later, cash-it-easy-convert, purchase convert, balance transfer, as well as easy and affordable monthly add-on rates from online partner stores nationwide. Buy Now, Pay Later minimum purchase amount at zero percent may vary per partner merchant. Also, you can access the payment holiday promotional offer and pay your first monthly amortization up to four months later. For balance transfer, you can move your funds available in your credit limit or other card balances to your BDO-issued American Express® Card and pay it on installment with low monthly add-on rates. When it comes time to pay, you can pay at any BDO branch using check payments, BDO phone banking, SM bills payment counters, or the auto-debit arrangement payment facility. 

Pros and cons of the BDO American Express® Platinum Credit Card 

The BDO American Express® Platinum Card offers rewards points and sign-up bonuses like waived annual fee for the first year. Therefore, you won't have to worry about paying any interest on your credit card balance, which can add up over time. 


  • Your first year's annual fee is free, and if you have four additional supplemental cards, you won't have to pay a membership fee for life. 

  • You get global travel assistance available 24/7 and can direct you to an English-speaking lawyer or doctor in an emergency. 


  • You must pay a ₱5,000 annual fee if you do not spend at least ₱600,000 per year. 

  • You will be charged a 5% installment processing fee or ₱300, whichever is greater. 

How to apply for a BDO American Express® Platinum Credit Card 

You can apply online or at the BDO branch for the American Express® Platinum Credit Card and enjoy exquisite rewards point for every ₱45 you spend. However, you must produce a photocopy of your most recent credit card statement if you have another BDO credit card. On the other hand, if this is your first credit card, you must provide proof of income, such as a photocopy of the Registration of Business Name issued by DTI or SEC.

Then, to apply online:

  1. Click Personal, Cards, and Credit Cards on the BDO website.
  2. Then select the Right Card for You option, followed by Brand for My New Card.
  3. Select American Express® , then American Express® Platinum.
  4. Tap on APPLY NOW.
  5. Fill out the required information and click Submit.
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