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About company

Vision Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative rooted in rural Alberta communities. Through years of operation, it has grown into the province’s third-largest credit union. Vision Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with $2 billion in assets serving over 35,000 personal and business members through its 23 branches across Alberta.


As a member-owned financial institution, Vision Credit Union provides profit share allocation among its members.

Being a socially responsible organization, the credit union reinvests a portion of its profits back into local communities.

Vision Credit Union provides exhaustive services along three branches:

  • Personal banking

  • Business banking

  • Agricultural banking

Several of its products are designed especially for ranchers and farmers.

Also, there are solutions tailored for new parents, such as residential mortgages, RESPs, and a Grow with Us Account.

Pros and cons

Let’s outline the benefits of joining Vision Credit Union:

  • Earning a share of the credit union’s profits 

  • Participation in the community development

  • A range of products and services for individuals and businesses

  • Fee-free savings accounts

  • Products and services for farmers

  • Safety of eligible deposits guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation

  • Access to over 1532 surcharge-free ATMs across Canada

The drawbacks of Vision Credit Union are:

  • The lack of transparency about savings accounts’ rates

  • Availability of products and services to Alberta residents primarily


Vision Credit Union offers a range of personal banking products:

  • Chequing accounts with zero to low monthly fees and different transaction volumes including options for seniors and youth

  • Savings accounts with zero monthly fees and interest-earning capabilities

  • Residential mortgages with rates ranging from 4.69% to 6.90%

  • Personal lines of credit providing ongoing access to financing up to an approved amount with flexible repayment terms and competitive rates

  • Authorized Overdraft (AOD) account allowing you to avoid non-sufficient funds charges or overdraft penalties

  • Home equity lines of credit allowing you to borrow money against the equity in your home

  • Personal loans providing financing for various borrowing needs at competitive rates

  • RRSP loans providing financing for optimizing your RRSP contributions

  • Student lines of credit allowing you to borrow up to $10,000 per year and make interest-only payments during your studies and six months after your graduation

  • Credit cards with a range of benefits to choose from — zero annual fees, low rates, cash back, rewards, and zero foreign currency transaction fees

  • A reloadable Aura™ Loyalty Card involving no interest charges and providing cash-back earning opportunities

  • Mutual funds providing access to professionally managed portfolios of diverse investments

  • Term deposits or GICs providing the security of your principal investment and a competitive return at rates ranging from 3.35% to 6.25%

  • Registered plans like TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, and RDSPs enabling you to store cash deposits and investment products and grow your money tax-free

  • Insurance products including mortgage, loan, line of credit, credit card balance protection, and travel insurance coverages

Business banking products are:

  • Business accounts for everyday banking with different transaction volumes included

  • Agri-business accounts: Basic Account, Ag Plan, and Ag Plan 2 with different monthly fees and numbers of transaction included

  • Commercial mortgages providing financing for real estate projects of your business, with up to 15-year amortization terms and competitive fixed or floating rates

  • Operating and term loans for different borrowing needs of your business available at fixed rates

  • Operating and business equipment lines of credit providing revolving access to financing with competitive rates and flexible repayment terms

  • Authorized Overdraft (AOD) account allowing you to make deposits into it and use the available credit whenever you have a negative balance with your business account

  • Business credit cards with benefits like zero annual fees, low interest rates, cash back, and reward-earning opportunities

  • Payment protection insurance options providing coverage of your mortgage, loan, line of credit, and credit card payments in case of unexpected life situations


Individuals can reach out to Vision Credit Union to get access to the Qtrade Direct Investing™ platform. Designed for self-directed investing, this platform enables you to trade investment securities with low fees.

Services for businesses include:

  • POS terminals enabling you to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers

  • Night depository services offered at most branches allowing you to deposit funds day or night

Vision Credit Union


Who owns Vision Credit Union?

Vision Credit Union is a financial cooperative owned by its members. Credit union member-owners can influence the organization’s decision-making and participate in profit share allocation.

Is Vision Credit Union legitimate?

Vision Credit Union has been operating in the financial market for over 70 years already. In its everyday operations, the organization follows the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada.

The credit union’s head office is at 5007-51 Street, Camrose, AB, Canada, T4V 1S6.

How to become a Vision Credit Union member?

You can apply for a Vision Credit Union membership online. Click “Join” in the top navigation menu and proceed with opening an account online. To qualify for a membership, you must be a Canadian resident aged at least 18. When applying, have your Social Insurance Number, Valid Government-issued photo ID, and mobile phone handy.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Vision Credit Union online or visit a branch near you in person.

Company documents

Code of Conduct

Vision Credit Union Ltd. is a community credit union with over 36,000 members across Alberta. Over the past 70 years, Vision has evolved from a single branch in Camrose with assets of $178, to become the province’s third largest credit union with 23 branches and assets over $2 billion.

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