Denis G

Denis G

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I’ve studied English since childhood, starting in kindergarten. After that, I attended many different courses during school. Naturally, English was probably the only subject I never had a problem with. After passing the Unified State Exam for 90 points, I entered the Faculty of Linguistics at St. Petersburg State University (“LETI”) and graduated very successfully with an excellent diploma in Intercultural Communication studies. Literally, I immediately got a position in the international logistics company DSV, where this knowledge was very useful for me, but after six months I left it. 


St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University named after V.I. Lenin - Linguistics - Bachelor's degree


I degree diploma for the best final qualifying work of bachelors of SPbSETU “LETI” in the 2020/2021 academic year

Certificate of English proficiency at the level of “Upper Intermediate” Nordic School 2014

Final qualifying work on the topic “The problem of establishing the genetic basis of the Na'vi language" with an excellent grade