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Tangerine World Mastercard®
Credit cards

Tangerine World Mastercard®

Updated 01.12.2022

About Tangerine World Mastercard

The Tangerine World MasterCard is a tool that allows you to save money and receive significant bonuses on your regular spending. The bonus categories are individually tailored to the cardholders’ needs. 

One of the great features is the ability to redeem bonuses and get cash into the account.

With this card, you will get special Boingo wifi access, food and relaxation offers at the airports, and help the cardholder have the best traveling experience.

Tangerine World MasterCard features

Tangerine World MasterCard offers a wide range of reward categories. 

 A unique feature of this card is that the interest on purchases is equal to the prepayments of 19.95%. Therefore, this card is a good tool for paying off debt from other credit cards, as the promotional interest rate for transfers is only 1.95% for the first six months and only increases to 19.95% after that.

Cardholders or applicants should remember that a foreign currency conversion fee of 2.5% will be charged if the card is used for purchases abroad. 

Statement printing is a paid service that costs $5. 

Cashback rewards are 2% and apply to the following categories:

  • groceries;

  • furniture;

  • restaurants;

  • hotels/Motels;

  • gas;

  • recurring bills;

  • pharmacy (medications);

  • entertainment;

  • public transportation, parking services.

Every cardholder of the Tangerine World MasterCard contributes to ecology because all Tangerine cards are made of recycled material and look chic.

Pros and cons

The main features of the Tangerine World MasterCard are very practical and include:

  • 2% cash back on significant rewards categories;

  • Travel bonuses;

  • Restaurant and wellness offers;

  • Extended cardholder insurance coverage (mobile device insurance, 

  • MasterCard passport;

  • Simple blocking procedure if the card is lost or stolen;

  • MasterCard 0 liability;

  • A grace period of 6 months for balance transfers;

  • cash advances and payments for other categories of goods and services;

  • The card has a chip and the possibility of contactless payment;

  • MasterCard is accepted in hundreds of countries;

  • Zero annual fees.

There are some disadvantages of Tangerine World MasterCard:

  • A foreign transaction fee;

  • Over-limit and dishonored payment fees;

  • It takes about ten days to get the card upon approval;

  • Good-excellent credit score requirements;

  • Requirements for annual income: personal one should be at least 60,000$ and household one not less than 100,000$.

How to apply for a Tangerine World Mastercard

You can apply for a Tangerine World MasterCard online using one of the options (use the available client profile or become a client just by clicking the button “Apply now” or using the mobile app. 

New customers must provide personal information, ID information, Social insurance number, and employment information. New customers must enter a contact e-mail address, create a PIN for the banking system, and apply a promo code (if any). For further processing of the application, it would be required to provide more data:

  • Applicant’s first name

  • Applicant's last name

  • Applicant's contact details

  • Date of birth

  • Employment status (self-employed, retired, student, homemaker, not working);

  • Choose the industry of the employment;

  • Choose occupation from the list;

  • Employer name;

  • Social insurance number;

  • Income information, etc.

What credit score is required to be approved for a Tangerine World Mastercard card?The credit score should be within the good-excellent range, meaning that the applicant’s credit rating is expected to be 670-900.
Does Tangerine World Mastercard have a foreign transaction fee?Yes, it has a 2.5% fee for foreign transactions and is added to the converted transaction amount.
Does the Tangerine World credit card holder have free access to the airport lounges?This card offers multiple features for travelers, including access to the airport comfort zone between the flights; each visit to the lounge costs 32$. It also provides access to over one million Wi-Fi hotspots with Boingo Wi-Fi.
Is a credit check needed to get approved for Tangerine World CreditCard?

Yes, a credit check is required to get approved, and the applicant's credit score should be higher than 600, in the range of good-excellent.


Effective interest rate on the product

1.95% - 19.95%

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