Rogers World Elite Mastercard®

Rogers World Elite Mastercard®: interest rates, available limits, cashback and bonuses. Full conditions for obtaining a credit card online. The procedure for registration and receipt online or at a bank branch. Features.

About Rogers World Elite Mastercard

Issued by Rogers Bank, this credit card offers attractive cash back features and the ability to save on the annual fee. You are entitled to up to 3% cash back every time you use the card. The Rogers World Elite MasterCard belongs to the premium segment and comes with a welcome bonus, insurance and travel benefits, and various security features.

Rogers World Elite Mastercard features

The Rogers World Elite Mastercard has several features that have maintained its popularity since it appeared on the market four years ago.

Cashback is unlimited and can be redeemed for everyday purchases like gas and groceries or applied directly to the Rogers bill. The ratio is 1:1.

The card features a 1.5% inlimited cash back on all eligible regular purchases and 3% on regular purchases in US dollars. The minimum redemption amount is $10. You can make cashback redemptions manually or automatically through the mobile app.

The Rogers World Elite Mastercard card is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

The card's security protection works 24/7; even if the card were used without authorization, the cardholder has no reason to worry thanks to the zero liability function;

Good insurance is included, covering minimal payments in case of unforeseen difficult life circumstances (serious illness, loss of job, inability to work).

Other insurance benefits include extended warranty protection and the following programs: Rental Car Collision/Damage, Out-of-Province/Out-of-Country Emergency, Medical, Trip Interruption, and Trip Cancellation.

The Rogers World Elite Mastercard card provides several travel perks, such as membership to Mastercard Travel Pass by DragonPass (32$ per person for one visit).

The interest rate on purchases is standard: 19.99%. However, cash advances, balance transfers, and cash-like transactions cost a little bit higher; the interest for such transactions equals 22.99%.

Additional cards are issued free of charge.

Pros and cons

Rogers World Elite Mastercard is popular on the market thanks to its many conveniences. Here we’ll mention only a few advantages of Rogers World Elite Mastercard: 

  • no annual fee and free additional cards;

  • transparent cash-back earning policy and comprehensive redemption option;

  • good insurance coverage;

  • fraud-protection system;

  • urgent money transfer if the card was lost or stolen.

Despite many good features, Rogers World Elite Mastercard cards have some disadvantages for the customers;

  • a credit check and income requirements for the applicant ($80,000 personal income or $150,000 household income);

  • an urgent money transfer if the card was lost or stolen can be performed if the applicant is far from home and the amount can not be higher than $1,000.

  • the interest rate goes higher if the customer misses regular payments twice.

How to apply for a Rogers World Elite Mastercard

Rogers bank allows you to apply for this card online and offline. In addition, it is possible to get additional information about the product from a bank’s officer or support service.

A successful application has to meet the following criteria:

  • the applicant's personal income of $80,000, or the annual household income should be at least $150,000;

  • the card is available only to Canadian citizens or to people with permanent resident status;

  • at the date of applying, the applicant must reach the age of majority;

  • legal capacity to sign documents and enter into contracts.

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