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chatr Mastercard®: interest rates, available limits, cashback and bonuses. Full conditions for obtaining a credit card online. The procedure for registration and receipt online or at a bank branch. Features.

About chatr Mastercard

chatr Mastercard is a convenient tool to spend and earn cash back featuring a low annual fee and a welcome bonus. Zero liability protection is offered to secure cardholders from unauthorized card use and fraudulent activity. 

chatr Mastercard features

The chatr Mastercard features 1% unlimited cash back on all eligible and regular purchases (chatr Secured Mastercard grants only 0.5% cash back). However, spending on chatr and Rogers products and services is rewarded higher: 3% cash back (1% cash back if the payment was made with a chatr secured Mastercard).

chatr Mastercard has no annual service fee and grants the cardholders a $25 welcome bonus (if the first purchase is made within the first three months from the date of account opening). 

Transactions with chatr Mastercards are monitored for the sake of prevention of fraudulent activity and keeping the balance protected from unauthorized use. 

The cardholders are protected with a zero liability feature, which is a good perk in case of force majeure events. 

Earned cash back can be controlled online or using the app, and redeeming bonuses is easy.

One of the advantages of this card is that no security deposit is required. chatr Mastercard can be used for online, offline, and contactless payments anywhere Mastercard is accepted 

There are convenient ways to redeem the collected cashback and make other eligible purchases. In addition, there is no cap on collecting and redeeming cash back with chatr Mastercard.

The regular rate of APR is 19.99%, and balance transfer and overdraft cost slightly more, 22.99%. Other current rates must be obtained from the card issuer, as it is essential to compare all possible future costs associated with using chatr Mastercard.

Pros and cons

The key benefits of chatr Mastercard are the following:

  • no annual fee;

  • if the cardholder uses Rogers and chatr services and products, then 3% cashback is applied for every dollar spent;

  • balance protection using financial monitoring algorithms that detect fraudulent activity;

  • a $25 welcome bonus.

There are some drawbacks of chatr Mastercard:

  • it is not available for temporary residents; Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status is required;

  • a credit check is required;

  • balance transfer costs more than regular purchases;

  • no extended insurance coverage, and special travel rewards for the cardholder.

How to apply for a chatr Mastercard

Rogers provides an opportunity to file online applications. The procedure is more straightforward and quicker if the applicant is already a Rogers customer. To start getting approved for chatr Mastercard, the applicant should check whether credit reports are correct and then file the application for Rogers Bank consideration. 

Existing customers can use the same personal data introduced to the system earlier. The applicant is required to enter the following:

  • their first name;

  • last name;

  • contact information;

  • birth date;

  • residential address;

  • amount of expenses;

  • social insurance number (SIN);

  • employment information to see the risk profile of the applicant;

  • annual income;

  • confirmation that bankruptcy is not filed or considered by the state bodies.

Getting a favorable decision for getting the card depends on whether the applicant meets Rogers criteria:

  • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status;

  • the applicant reached the age of majority within the province legislation;

  • they have the legal capacity to sign documents and enter into contracts;

  • a credit score is within good-excellent credit score;

  • there is no active insolvency procedure against the lender.

What credit score is required to be approved for a chatr Mastercard?

Does the chatr Mastercard have a foreign transaction fee?

Is a credit check needed to get approved for a chatr Mastercard card?

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