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Raymond Chabot

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About lender

Raymond Chabot is a Canadian credit counseling agency owned by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. It is based in Quebec and has a team of more than 200 professional business accountants, Licensed Insolvency Trustees, and financial counselors. The company has helped clients find solutions for financial recovery for over forty years.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is a leading Canadian company in tax and advisory service, assurance, and business’s or client’s financial recovery.


Raymond Chabot claims to be the largest Quebec-based network of financial recovery counselors and Licensed Insolvency Trustees. It handles nearly 12,000 files per year.

The company has locations from coast to coast, so you can count on their services no matter where you live in Canada.

You can meet for free one of Raymond Chabot’s experts who will help you regain control of your finances.

Pros and cons

Before applying for the help of Raymond Chabot, it’s worth considering its main advantages and disadvantages.


  • Free first consultation meeting;

  • Negotiations with the creditors by Counselors and Insolvency Trustees;

  • Clients can reside in any part of Canada;

  • Multiple counseling offices in Quebec.


  • Services are only available in Quebec;

  • Associated fees or court costs may be unaffordable.


There are several types of financial services in Raymond Chabot besides financial and budget improvement courses:

Debt Consolidation

Raymond Chabot helps to put clients in contact with a creditor to apply for a debt consolidation loan. If a client has several high-interest debts, applying for this type of loan is possible. The client will get a sum of money for paying off multiple debts.

Consumer Proposal

For the debt litigation issues, the insolvency officers of Raymond Chabot can provide solutions. They are well trained to manage debt cases. A consumer proposal is a negotiation with creditors to repay the client’s debt. The Licensed Insolvency Trustee will file the documents for the consumer proposal process after signing the few documents.


The final decision on financial insolvency is the bankruptcy decision. Technically, a client can qualify with $1,000 of unsecured debt; besides, there is no maximum debt limit. Any eligible debts will be eliminated instead of repaying creditors. The client should make a series of payments over a minimum period of 9 months.

Voluntary Deposit

The agreement with the court allows clients to commit to paying back the debt in monthly payments to the court. They will equal around 30% of your gross salary (before taxes) until 100% of your debt has been repaid. It’s a bankruptcy alternative. Your financial counselor will let your know if this is the right solution.

Refusing an insolvent succession

This solution can help if a client has become the heir of the deceased’s debt which is greater than the client’s assets.

If you work with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee at Raymond Chabot, the company will help you liquidate the succession’s property.

Raymond Chabot does not disclose information on its fees.

Raymond Chabot


What is Raymond Chabot?

Raymond Chabot is a Canadian multi-purpose credit counseling agency. It has been around for about 40 years. It offers its clients help them regain control of their financial situation.

Who owns Raymond Chabot?

Raymond Chabot is a subsidiary of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

Is Raymond Chabot a legitimate company?

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is registered on OPENGOVCA. Its Corporation number is 12363534.

Company documents

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