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In this comprehensive review, we explore North’n’Loans Payday Loan designed to meet diverse financial needs. Discover how North’n’Loans® stands out with its competitive interest rates, flexible borrowing limits, and rewarding perks.
100 - 1500 $
Loan Amount
62 days
Repayment Term

Product Details

General Info
 Loan Amount Loan Amount
100 - 1500 $
Repayment Term Repayment Term
62 days
Required documents Required documents
Valid ID
Do I fit in?
Age Age
18 years
Credit Score Credit Score

How to apply for a North’n’Loans loan

  1. Go to the Website. Start by visiting the North’n’Loans website.

  2. Enter Your Province and Choose the Amount. On the website, enter the province where you reside and select the desired loan amount from the options provided.

  3. Click "Get Started!". Once you've selected your province and loan amount, click on the "Get Started!" button to proceed with your loan application.

  4. Enter Your Postal Code and Required Amount. In the application process, you'll be prompted to enter your postal code and specify the amount you require.

  5. Click "Get Started" Again. After entering your postal code and required amount, click on the "Get Started" button once more to continue with your application.

  6. Fill Out the Application Form. Complete the application form provided by North’n’Loans. You'll need to provide personal information, including your name, address, contact details, employment status, and income details.

  7. Wait for North’n’Loans to Match You with a Lender. Once you've submitted your application, North’n’Loans will match you with a suitable lender based on your information. If matched, the lender will contact you with details of the loan agreement.

  8. Review and Accept Loan Agreement. Upon receiving the loan agreement from the lender, carefully review the terms and conditions. You have the option to decline or accept the loan agreement by providing an e-signature.

  9. Receive Your Funds. If you accept the loan agreement, you can expect to receive your funds by the next business day. North’n’Loans facilitates the transfer of funds to your bank account for quick access to the borrowed amount.


  • Loan Duration. Typically, the loan terms with North’n’Loans can extend up to 62 days. However, specific terms may vary depending on the borrower's location and other factors. It's essential to review the loan agreement for precise details on the repayment period.
  • Loan Amounts. Borrowers can access loan amounts of up to $1,500 through North’n’Loans. This provides flexibility to address various financial needs, whether it's covering unexpected expenses or managing short-term cash flow challenges.
  • Interest Rates. It's important to note that payday loan rates may vary by province, and specific rates are subject to change. Borrowers should review the terms and conditions provided by North’n’Loans to understand the applicable interest rates for their loan.


  • Canadian Citizenship. To qualify for a loan with North’n’Loans, you must be a legal citizen of Canada.
  • Age Requirement. You must be at least the age of majority in your province of residence. The age of majority varies by province but is typically 18 or 19 years old.
  • Steady Income Source. North’n’Loans typically requires borrowers to have a steady income source. This ensures that you have the means to repay the loan amount.
  • Active Bank Account. To facilitate loan disbursement and repayment, you must have an active bank account in your name. This allows North’n’Loans to deposit the approved loan amount directly into your account and set up automatic monthly payments for repayment.

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