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In this comprehensive review, we explore NBC Personal Flex Line® designed to meet diverse financial needs. Discover how NBC stands out with its competitive interest rates, flexible borrowing limits, and rewarding perks.
from 5000 $
Loan Amount
Repayment Term
from 7.20 %

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General Info
 Loan Amount Loan Amount
from 5000 $
Required documents Required documents
Repayment Term Repayment Term
from 7.20 %
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Age Age
from 18 years
Credit Score Credit Score
Income required Income required

How to get an NBC Personal Loan?

Through our website

  1. Locate the Search Bar or Navigation Menu. Once on the Finanso website homepage, either locate the search bar at the top of the page or navigate through the menu options to find the section related to loans or financial products.

  2. Find NBC. Use the search bar or browse through the available options until you find National Bank of Canada (NBC) listed among the lenders or financial institutions.

  3. Choose NBC. Click on the NBC option to view more details about the loans offered by the National Bank of Canada.

  4. Select Loan and Click Apply. Once you're on the NBC page, browse through the available loan options offered by the bank. Choose the type of loan that best fits your needs, such as personal loans.

  5. Click "Apply". After selecting the desired loan type, you will typically find an "Apply" button associated with that loan option. Click on the "Apply" button to initiate the loan application process.

  6. Redirected to NBC Website. Upon clicking "Apply," you will be redirected to the official website of the National Bank of Canada to complete the loan application process.

  7. Apply for a Loan on NBC Website. Once redirected to the NBC website, locate the section or page where you can apply for a loan. This may be prominently displayed on the homepage or accessible through the bank's menu navigation.

  8. Fill Out the Application. Follow the instructions provided on the NBC website to complete the loan application form. You will typically be required to provide personal information, financial details, and any other relevant information requested by the bank.

  9. Submit Your Application. After filling out the application form, review the information carefully to ensure accuracy. Once satisfied, submit your loan application to the National Bank of Canada for processing.

Through the bank's website

  1. Go to the Website. Open your web browser and navigate to the National Bank of Canada's official website.

  2. Choose Personal Loans. Look for the borrowing section on the website's homepage. Within this section, select the option for personal loans.

  3. Click "Apply for a Loan". Once you've chosen personal loans, click on the "Apply for a Loan" button or link.

  4. Confirm Your National Bank Client Status. You will likely be asked whether you are already a National Bank client. Choose the appropriate option.

  5. Provide Personal Information. Enter your date of birth, province of residence, and answer questions related to your credit history, such as whether you have credit, have been refused credit in the past six months, or declared bankruptcy in the past seven years.

  6. Select Joint Application. If applicable, choose whether this is a joint application by selecting the appropriate option.

  7. Click "Continue". Once you've provided the necessary information, click on the "Continue" button to proceed with the loan application.

  8. Fill Out the Application. You'll be directed to a loan application form. Fill out all required fields with accurate information. This typically includes personal details, financial information, employment status, and any other relevant details requested by the bank.

  9. Review and Submit. Before submitting your application, carefully review all the information you've provided to ensure accuracy. Once you're satisfied, submit your application for review by the National Bank of Canada.

Via mobile app

To apply for an NBC personal loan via the mobile app, please note that there is no official information on how to do so within the app itself. However, here are the options available for Quebec residents and those outside Quebec.

  1. Online Form. Fill out the online form to apply for a personal loan. An advisor will then reach out to you within 2 business days to guide you through the application process.

  2. Branch Appointment. Make an appointment to meet with an advisor at a National Bank of Canada branch. During the appointment, the advisor will assist you in completing the loan application and provide any necessary guidance.

  3. Phone Call. Call the National Bank of Canada at 1-888-835-6281. Representatives are available to assist you Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (ET). They will guide you through the loan application process over the phone.

If you live in another province outside Quebec or are not a resident, the process may vary. You can make an appointment at one of the National Bank of Canada branches to apply for your loan. During the appointment, a bank representative will assist you with the application process and provide any necessary information or guidance.

At the bank's office

  1. Schedule an Appointment. Contact your nearest National Bank of Canada branch to schedule an appointment for a personal loan application. You can typically do this by phone or through the bank's website.

  2. Gather Required Documents. Before your appointment, gather all necessary documents for the loan application. This may include identification, proof of income, bank statements, and any other relevant financial documents requested by the bank.

  3. Meet with a Loan Officer. On the day of your appointment, visit the National Bank of Canada branch at the scheduled time. Meet with a loan officer who will guide you through the application process and assist with any questions you may have.

  4. Complete the Application. During your meeting with the loan officer, you will complete the personal loan application form. Provide accurate information and ensure all required fields are filled out correctly.

  5. Submit Your Application. After completing the application form, submit it to the loan officer along with any supporting documents. The loan officer will review your application and documents to determine your eligibility for the personal loan.

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