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 Coast Capital mortgage calculator

Coast Capital Savings mortgage calculator online in Canada in 2022. How to figure out a mortgage loan yourself?

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Calculation according to the loan amount
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Interest rates are given in accordance with the rates of the bank in Ottawa as of 03.10.2022
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 Coast Capital mortgage calculator  Coast Capital mortgage calculator  Coast Capital mortgage calculator  Coast Capital mortgage calculator  Coast Capital mortgage calculator
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Loan amount

50000 $
6000000 $
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Fill out an application for a mortgage!
Fill out an application for a mortgage!

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What is the Coast Capital mortgage calculator?

Coast Capital Savings, Canada's largest credit union by membership, was created with the idea to make high-standard financial services accessible to its members. For 80 years, this member-owned cooperative has strived to help Canadians reach their goals and overcome economic challenges. When Coast Capital locations are closed for a day off, etc., it is possible to get information about financial products, use online services, and even get personalized advice using its tools and calculators.

This lender respects customers' rights to be informed and publishes comprehensive information about loan terms, loan criteria, and rates. Thus, before one applies for a loan and contacts a mortgage specialist, it is possible to complete a short mortgage calculation form and see different options of amortization, interest rate types, the value of real estate, etc.

The mortgage calculator is one of the tools that help save time evading visits to an office. You can take the time whenever it suits you and play with numbers related to your planned loan before you apply and commit.

Let us summarize the properties of the mortgage calculator offered by this credit union:

Coast Capital mortgage calculators

Coast Capital offers several mortgage products with different maturity, rates, and other details.

Coast Capital Savings offers the following mortgage calculators:

Why do you need the Coast Capital calculator?

A mortgage calculator is necessary for those looking for the right mortgage offer and who want to weigh the pros and cons of the available options.

It helps to see:

It helps to avoid potentially too high of a loan that could crush your personal budget and financial stability, and also, you can see which down payment would be required depending on the cost of your property.

How to use the Coast Capital calculator

To use the affordability calculator, you must enter the following information:

Based on these values, you will get the monthly payment amount, the mortgage amount, the amount of estimated mortgage default insurance, the net mortgage amount, and the purchase price you can expect to pay. With this calculator, you can create a complete preliminary repayment schedule for each year, including repayment, interest, principal, and balance, and add scenarios for comparison.

The payment calculator shows you how much a mortgage would cost. It can be a comparison scenario for several products or a single calculation, as you wish. You can get a short result of the calculation or a full plan by years of the term of your mortgage.

For this calculator, you will need to enter the following information to get the calculation results:

The amortization calculator requires the same data as the calculators above and gives you the results:

In all three calculators, you can take advantage of seeing the full schedule over the years of your mortgage, take a look at the scenic comparison, and save your results to use in the future or print out as convenient for you.

The mortgage prepayment calculator would provide information about the mortgage prepayment penalty. To see the results, you would be asked to provide the following data:

What is Coast Capital Savings?

Coast Capital Savings federal credit union is a financial cooperative where its members are owners. It provides a full range of financial services, including cash desk service and lending. The company has branches and a network of ATMs. It was founded in 1940.

What is a high ratio mortgage?

A high ratio mortgage means a low down payment amount compared to the real estate price. In other words, LTV (loan-to-value) makes 80-95%, and the purchase price was almost fully covered by the mortgage loan. Usually, high ratio mortgage options have lower interest rates because the lender protects himself from the risks and tries to attract more customers interested in lower rates.

What mortgage can I get with a $70,000 salary in Canada?

Taking the assumption that household income is $70,000 and:

  • existing monthly debt payment makes $400;

  • annual property tax makes $2,500;

  • monthly condo fees are $450;

  • heating costs are $125;

  • mortgage amortization is 25 years;

  • interest rate 4,29%

  • The monthly payment could be $4,818.21, and the mortgage amount can make $889,200 with mortgage default insurance equal to $34,200.

Thus, the net purchase price could be $900,000.

What is the monthly payment on a $300,000 mortgage?

With a 25-year amortization, $300,000 mortgage, monthly payments could be approximately $2,500 under a 4,29% interest rate.