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Money Mart's Additional Services

Besides cash advances, installment loans, and business loans, Money Mart offers several additional helpful services, such as:

  • Western Union® Money Transfers

  • Cheque Cashing

  • Currency Exchange

  • Bill Payment

Below you can find a description of each of these services.

Western Union® Money Transfers

Money Mart is connected to approximately 600,000 Western Union locations in over 200 countries and territories across the world. You can take advantage of this network to resolve another financial emergency through Domestic, International, Quick Collect®, and Western Union® Money Transfers. You are not obliged to have any bank account, credit card, or membership.

Note: Western Union charges a money transfer fee.

Cheque Cashing

Money Mart provides hassle-free and quick check-cashing services. You can cash all kinds of cheques in-store and in the mobile app:

  • Payroll check

  • Government check

  • Small Business check

  • Insurance check

  • Money Orders check

  • Personal

With the Money Mart app, you can do it within seconds. Just take a photo of the front and back, and they will confirm the receipt.

To locate the most convenient store for you, hit the FIND A STORE button on the company’s official website.

Currency Exchange

With currency exchange services provided by Money Mart, you can get an idea of what is used at the place of your vacation destination and its value against CAD. 26 currencies is available, among them being the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Mexican Peso, Indian Rupee, Australian Dollar, Philippine Peso, etc.

Money Mart guarantees the same rate you paid when purchasing the currency

upon selling back unused funds. However, this comes at a fee of $4.99.

Bill Payment

Not only can you send money and cash your cheques at Money Mart, but also, for a fee of $1.99 per bill, you will forget about stamps, envelopes, and cheques. Through TelPay e-payment services, you can securely pay over 2,400 entities. Money Mart handles the rest of your transaction.