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Harley-Davidson Mastercard®
Credit cards

Harley-Davidson Mastercard®

Updated 01.12.2022

About Harley-Davidson Mastercard

The Harley-Davidson® Platinum Plus® Mastercard card issued by MBNA allows you to earn bonuses for making purchases and then redeem these bonuses. However, bonus redemption opportunities are not standard, as you can only use these points to participate in Harley-Davidson events and associated accessories.

Harley-Davidson Mastercard features

The Harley-Davidson Mastercard lets you earn special Harley-Davidson Points for making eligible purchases. You receive 1 point for every $2 spent on eligible purchases.

Moreover, every eligible purchase on your card during the promotional period increases the chance of winning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle within the promotional period. There are four draws per year.

You can redeem points for  Harley Chrome Cash Gift Certificates that can be used for Genuine Harley accessories, clothes, and services at authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships and participating Canadian retailers.

Besides this rewards program, you can also access additional services and perks, such as various protection options. The company provides travel insurance options such as travel accident coverage for up to $1,000,000, trip interruption coverage for up to $2,000, and some rental car protection options. These are: 

  • Rental Car Theft & Damage protection;

  • Rental Car Accident coverage for up to $200,000;

  • Rental Car Personal Effects for up to $1,000. 

The interest rates are 19.99% on purchases and 22.99% on cash advances, balance transfers, and access cheques. 

Furthermore, there are some additional benefits for cardholders. For example, you will have a purchase assurance option that covers most items purchased with your MBNA credit card for the first 90 days from the date of purchase with a lifetime total accumulative limit of $60,000 per account. Also, you will have an extended warranty option that may double the warranty provided by an original manufacturer of almost any item you buy with this credit card for up to one additional year. Besides, you can apply for a discount on a car rental provided by Avis or Budget. As a result, you will save at least 10% on car rentals across Canada and at least 5% internationally. 

Finally, you will have access to the whole package of security services of Mastercard and The MBNA Payment Plan, making it more convenient to pay for large purchases and manage your budget.

Pros and cons

All the key advantages of Harley-Davidson Mastercard can be seen below:

  • The annual fee is $0;

  • No income requirements;

  • Many different insurance options are offered;

  • Several additional services;

  • Redeemed points can let you win a motorcycle. 

On the other hand, Harley-Davidson Mastercard has several significant weak sides:

  • Points can be redeemed only through the Harley-Davidson network;

  • The promotional period is a temporal offer;

  • No welcome offer.  

How to apply for a Harley-Davidson Mastercard

You can apply for a Harley-Davidson Mastercard through the MBNA website, as the application can be made online. First, you must go to and find a Harley-Davidson Mastercard webpage. Secondly, on that page, see the “Apply Now” button and click on it. Finally, you will be redirected to the page where you should read the legal disclosures and choose the preferred language of correspondence. As soon as you have those steps done, go below and see the application form. Fields that must be filled out are: 

  • Primary Applicant's Information: Your name, home address, housing status, years at current address, monthly payment, years at current address, phone number, and several questions: “Is your mailing address different from your home address?” and “Are you a Canadian resident?”.

  • Personal Information: date of birth, mother’s maiden name, email address, and SIN (optional).

  • Employment Information. In this section, you need to choose your employment status, and depending on it, you will be asked to provide the required information. 

Afterward, you will be offered to add an authorized user and request a balance transfer. Both are optional, so that you can skip them. In the end, you will be offered to enroll in a payment protection plan, and if you are interested in it, you will need to put a tick into the required box. Finally, you will need to click on the “Review your application” button, and the application will be made.

Am I eligible for a Harley-Davidson Mastercard?

Harley-Davidson Mastercard applicants won't face any strict eligibility requirements. To be approved, you must be a Canadian resident over the provincial age of majority and have a credit score over 660. There are no minimum income requirements.

How can I participate in a quarterly Harley-Davidson motorcycle draw?If you make eligible purchases with Harley-Davidson Mastercard, you automatically participate in a draw. Each purchase increases your chances of winning. These four draws per year. The promotion expires on December 31, 2022.
Where can I use my Harley-Davidson® Rewards?

You can redeem your points to Harley Chrome Cash at participating Harley-Davidson Canadian retailers. These are, for example, MotorClothes or Genuine Motor.


Effective interest rate on the product

19.99% - 22.99%

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