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Updated 01.12.2022

About Rewards Mastercard

Amazon offers online shopping, streaming services, and a credit card for Canadians. Rewards Mastercard belongs to the cash back cards category. 

Cash back rates can reach up to 5%. Rewards Mastercard features

With Rewards Mastercard, you can earn cash back by making eligible purchases at, Whole Foods Market, grocery stores, and restaurants. You will have a guaranteed 1% cash back, but if you want more, you can go shopping at participating stores. Also, as you apply for this card and get approved, you will be offered a welcome bonus. If you spend up to $3,000 during your first six months, you will have an extra high cash back rate on purchases at and Whole Foods - the company will return 5% of the cost of any eligible purchase at those stores. As a result, cash back rates offered by this credit card are: 

  • 2.5% in rewards on eligible purchases at, Whole Foods Markets, and foreign currency transactions if you have a Prime membership.

  • 1.5% in rewards on and Whole Foods purchases if you don't have a Prime membership.

  • 1% back on all other purchases and foreign currency transactions without the Prime membership

What makes the Rewards Mastercard card an attractive tool is that you don’t have to pay for it: Rewards Mastercard has a $0 annual fee.

Bonuses that you earn are redeemable and can be spent as real money. When your rewards reach 2,000 points, they are automatically redeemed for a $20 Amazon gift card and added to your account. The key benefit of these points is that they never expire, so you can collect these as long as you wish. On the other hand, you must note that you are limited to spending rewards earned at 

Fortunately, Amazon also provides cardholders with several additional perks. You will have access to some benefits that may help you during traveling. Firstly, there are some assistance services such as lost luggage assistance, trip assistance, and legal assistance. Also, you may have a discount on rental cars from Avis and Budget Rent a Car if you use this credit card or be assisted in case you lose your document or ticket. Amazon will help you to replace your ticket. 

Furthermore, Rewards Mastercard holders will have a standard insurance services package. These services include an extended warranty that extends the manufacturer’s warranty on items you buy, purchase assurance, Mastercard zero liability, emergency card replacement, and cash advances at each ATM internationally. 

The rates of this credit card are standard compared to other similar cards. For example, you will have 19.99% on purchases; 22.99% on cash advances and balance transfers.

Pros and cons

Next, we will see the key benefits of the Rewards Mastercard:

  • No annual fees or extra card fees;

  • Cash back rates are relatively high;

  • If you make eligible purchases at participating stores, your cash back will increase;

  • This card offers standard purchase security and extended warranty benefit coverage;

  • Travel perks are included;

  • Welcome bonus of 5% cash back;

  • 2.5% cash back on foreign currency transactions. 

Nevertheless, some weak sides of Rewards Mastercard must be taken into account:

  • The rewards redemption opportunities are limited;

  • If you aren’t a Prime member, your cash back rates will be lower;

  • Interest rates are high enough;

  • According to customers’ reviews, some perks are not available. 

How to apply for an Rewards Mastercard requires you only fill out the simple online application form to be completed within minutes. There are no strict eligibility rules on this credit card; you need to be a resident of Canada over the age of majority for your province and have a credit score of more than 760. These are the Rewards Mastercard's only eligibility requirements that make the application simpler. To begin, you need to click the “Apply Now” button on the Rewards Mastercard webpage, enter your Amazon account, or create it if you are new. You can apply for this card via your account. Alternatively, visit the MBNA website to apply (which redirects you to Amazon). Afterward, you must complete the online application and wait for the company’s response.

Can I apply for Rewards Mastercard without Prime membership?

Yes, you can. You need to be a member of Amazon Prime to have increased cash back rates, but the application doesn’t require having a Prime Membership.
How can I use my Amazon rewards?Unfortunately, there is only one way of spending your redeemed bonuses. You can spend them only at to cover a part of the total price of a chosen item.
Does require any minimum income to qualify for an Rewards Mastercard?No, it doesn’t. Amazon doesn’t require you to have some minimal income amount. You only need to have a good-excellent credit score and be a Canadian resident over the provincial age of majority.

Effective interest rate on the product

19.99% - 22.99%

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