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Tangerine Bank loan calculator

Tangerine Bank loan calculator online in Canada in 2022. How to figure out the loan yourself? A handy tool that will show whether you can pay off a loan, help you choose lending with affordable payments.

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Interest rates are given in accordance with the rates of the bank in Ottawa as of 29.01.2023
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Fill out an application for a loan!

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What is a Tangerine Bank loan calculator?

Tangerine Bank offers personal loans and lines of credit for various customer needs (personal, family, household needs) and RRSP loans or Retirement Savings Plan Loans. The HELOCs offered by Tangerine Bank come at a lowered interest rate set at 0.10% below Tangerine Prime.

A Tangerine Bank loan calculator converts initial borrower query data into a result that shows future loan costs. It allows one to see which loan term is better considering current income and expenses, which loan type is more favorable for the customer, and which loan amount is sufficient but which the customer can service and repay without straining the budget or risking the credit score if something goes wrong.

Tangerine Bank loan calculators

Tangerine Bank has designed several calculators for customers to easily and quickly evaluate the total loan cost. For example, savings calculator, GIC savings calculator, mortgage payment calculator, mortgage amount estimator, and prepayment calculator. Mortgage-associated tools can save you money by helping you find the right loan with a favorable interest rate and reduce the cost of credit to free up your budget for other financial purposes.

To estimate the cost of a Tangerine Bank loan, use the Tangerine Bank loan calculator on our website.

Why do you need a Tangerine Bank loan calculator?

The Tangerine bank loan calculator allows customers to determine the total cost of a loan. The decision to take a loan often requires detailed financial consequences for the household budget. This task is easy to do using a Tangerine Bank loan calculator. This tool allows us to see the monthly payment amount, and the impact of reducing or making the loan duration and increasing the loan amount. 

How to use the Tangerine Bank loan calculator?

Using a loan calculator to get an idea of your monthly payments on a Tangerine loan requires only a few steps but no manual arithmetic operations. First, the applicant should know the purpose of borrowing and, on this basis, collect information from the market offers. This is necessary to enter the information that the loan calculator needs to perform automatic calculations with the formulas used by the lender.

If it is a personal loan or retirement program loan RSSP, the calculation is based on the expected loan amount, loan duration, and frequency of payments. The borrower can obtain information about future regular loan payments. Key in these values to get the necessary result.

The customer gets the amount of loan payments by pressing the "Calculate" button within seconds.

For instance, the customer wants to get a $5,000 personal loan at an interest rate of 10% for 12 months. The key values marked as mandatory should be entered into the calculator's fields, including desired payment frequency. The calculation result would show the total amount of interest paid and the amount of regular payment according to the chosen payment frequency. So, your monthly payment will be $439.58, and the total interest will amount to $524.95.

How to compare Tangerine loans using such  calculators?

By choosing the loan term, payment frequency, and other key loan parameters, the customer can see as many combinations as they want and consider which one is better. 

Determining different scenarios with the help of the loan calculator is easy and does not require much time or manual calculations.

What are Tangerine bank’s money management tools?

Tangerine Bank offers free-to-use tools: savings calculator, GIC savings calculator, mortgage payment calculator, mortgage amount estimator, and prepayment calculator.

Can the Tangerine Bank calculator results be used as lender pre-approval?

No, the Tangerine Bank loan calculator results can only be used for informational purposes. Pre-approval is a separate process where more factors are considered.