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About lender

LeaseDirect is an independent Canadian leasing company that provides business people and entrepreneurs with lease financing services. They help businesses grow by supplying them with used or new equipment regardless of their owners’ credit scores. Whether they need lease financing for new or used equipment or vehicles, the company’s specialists will get them the money they need, on competitive terms, in a timely manner, promises LeaseDirect.

The company provides leases for various types of vehicles and equipment, from bulldozers and wood chippers to luxury cars or highway tractors. The conditions seem lax, and even customers with bad credit can apply. They should only check their credit score via the link on the company’s website and download the application to fill it out and send it back to the company. LeaseDirect is a source-neutral company, so they do not carry the inventory; they provide their leases through auctions, dealers, and private sales.


LeaseDirect does not carry equipment. Instead, it provides customers with finances to allow them to find the most suitable equipment or vehicle for their businesses. LeaseDirect operates through auctions, dealers, and private sales acquisitions.

The company has two main groups of leasable inventory: vehicles and equipment. So the customers can choose anything they need, whether a luxury premium car or a utility trailer.

It is crucial that customers can apply for the lease if they have bad credit: from `A` (680+ Beacon Score) to `D` (525 or lower). However, their conditions seem not to be strict.

Leases can be underwritten for new or used equipment, so customers are free to choose if they want to assume the expenses of the steep depreciation on new gear.

In addition, the company provides several leasing options such as arborist equipment leasing, specialty vehicle leasing, commercial trailer leasing, forestry equipment leasing, etc.

Pros and cons


  • The company provides numerous leasing options;

  • Customers can get used or new equipment;

  • Even customers with bad credit can be approved;

  • Terms and conditions are adjustable;

  • With leased equipment, customers don’t have to pay off taxes upfront. They can pay it monthly during the leasing period;

  • Customers can claim total payments as a rental expense to lower their tax bills and reduce taxable income.

Despite all the possible pros, the company still has several cons that clients must consider.


  • The application is not online, and customers need to download it and then send it back ;

  • The website is poorly crafted and doesn’t contain sufficient information;

  • The company does not provide precise information on terms and conditions.

LeaseDirect provides different leasing options with flexible terms and conditions. However, these terms are not specified on the website. They provide used and new equipment to customers with bad credit so they can attract many customers.

Unfortunately, there are several significant disadvantages. First, the company provides finances only for heavy machines or car leases. Other types of equipment are not considered. Also, they do not provide exact information about terms and conditions.

Loan conditions

If a customer decides to use the services of this company, they will need to check their credit score. After that, they will need to find the application on their website and download it. After that, the application can be filled out via a computer. When customers complete this step, they need to send it back and connect with a company’s expert to determine further actions.

The company has lax requirements for customers’ credit. It can be less than perfect, but it still may be approved. Customers must be older than 18, be Canadian citizens, and have an active business. Their credit score must be in the range between `A` (680+ Beacon Score) and `D` (525 or lower)

As the company provides different types of equipment, its conditions are flexible and depend on a customer’s choice. Whether they choose a heavy machine or a car, the used one or the new one, a bulldozer or light pickup, also it depends on a customer’s budget, so terms, rates, and other conditions are adjustable.

Methods of loan funding

When customers complete the application, they need to choose the required vehicle. The company provides its services through dealers, auctions, and private sales acquisitions. LeaseDirect does not specify how exactly the financing is performed.


What is LeaseDirect?

LeaseDirect is a Canadian company that provides leasing services to businesses and entrepreneurs. It promptly supplies you with the funds you need for ongoing growth on competitive terms. Even customers with bad credit can apply for their services and get their business's inventory.  

Who owns LeaseDirect?

LeaseDirect claims to be one of Canada's few independent national equipment leasing companies. To find out more information on the ownership, contact the LeaseDirect Contact section and approach its official representative, Frank Penkala.

How do you qualify for LeaseDirect?

To qualify for this company’s services, customers must be older than 18, be Canadian citizens, and have an active business. Their credit score can range between `A` (680+ Beacon Score) and `D` (525 or lower).

How much can you borrow from LeaseDirect?

The borrowable amounts are different and depend on the type of equipment that customers want. They must choose whether they need the new or the used one, a car or a machine like a bulldozer, etc.

Is it a legitimate company?

LeaseDirect is a legitimate company. It is licensed by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council and is a Canadian Finance and Leasing Association member. In addition, LeaseDirect has an A+ accreditation by BBB.

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