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J.P. Morgan Bank Canada

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About bank

J.P. Morgan is one of the oldest investment banks - with a legacy dating back to 1799 - that operates in over 100 countries. Its presence in Canada dates back to the late 19th century and starts with investments in railroads, industries, and municipalities. The bank provides financial solutions to institutional investors and big corporations. Today the bank operates five diverse lines of business that employ more than 450 people throughout the country in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. 


One of the most significant features of the Canadian branch of J.P. Morgan is that this bank does not serve regular customers or provide them with the usual financial services. Instead, the bank only works with institutions, corporations, and investors. 

Generally, the bank only provides loans to different financial institutions. However, they support a broad range of corporations, institutions, and governments by providing them with strategic advice, capital raising, and risk management expertise. Also, there are commercial loans provided only to institutions or institutional investors.

However, there are a lot of different services, such as management, merchant services, market research, etc. Most of their services are based on market analytics designed for high-wealth customers. 

Pros and cons 


  • The bank offers a wide range of analytics, management, and research services;  

  • The bank serves all over the country;

  • An extensive range of borrowable amounts;

  • There are several mobile applications for different groups of clients;

  • The bank operates in many countries all over the world.


  • Products and services provided by the bank are not offered to regular customers;

  • The bank doesn’t provide all its products in Canada;

  • There are not many offices in Canada.


The list of financial products provided by J.P. Morgan Canada is pretty extensive. Most of these products are provided through their commercial banking union.

  • Asset-Based Lending. The bank provides its customers with big loans from $5 million to $1 billion to capitalize on their growth opportunities whenever and wherever they present themselves. They provide financing to businesses that tend to be concentrated in consumer and retail, industrials, metals and mining, oil and gas, transportation, chemical and plastics, automotive, and healthcare. 

  • Equipment Financing. J.P. Morgan also offers customers special loans to purchase the required equipment. The bank helps customers to structure a customized financing solution to support their bottom-line growth objectives. Moreover, they can provide customers with leasing solutions in more required cases. 

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans. The bank doesn’t only provide financing but also several advisory services. They deal with mature ESOP issues, including repurchase obligations, among their areas of expertise, as is consulting on IRS and Department of Labor compliance issues. 

  • Syndicated Finance. The bank provides customers with customized loan syndication to support both customers’ daily operations and long-term growth. They offer individually designed strategies to commercial real estate owners and operators, including REITs, investment funds, operating companies, developers, and investors. 

  • Real Estate Financing. J.P. Morgan provides customers with various real estate financing solutions, such as commercial term lending, real estate banking, community development banking, and agency lending.

  • Solutions for institutional investors. J.P. Morgan serves not only corporations and institutions but also institutional investors such as hedge funds or asset managers. They provide them with customized financial products such as security lending, bespoke financing solutions, and many others. 


  • Investment Banking. The bank works closely with different institutions, corporations, and governments to provide them with strong expertise services. In addition, J.P. Morgan offers strategic advice, capital raising, and risk management expertise.

  • Treasury and Payments. The bank provides many cash management solutions for customers who meet treasury professionals' challenges. They help customers to reduce risk, drive efficiency, and simply manage their finances. 

  • Merchant Services. Customers are also offered several merchant services to manage costs, drive sales and better navigate the payment landscape. In addition, the bank provides such services as fraud management payments and many others. 

  • Markets. These services are designed for institutional investors. J.P. Morgan offers them market research, pricing data, and other analytics services. 

  • Prime Services. These are services crafted for hedge funds, asset managers, and institutional investors that consider banks’ assistance in customers’ companies' growth. The bank offers introductions to institutional investors, provision of market information, and participation in educational events. 

  • Security Services. The bank offers institutional customers a comprehensive list of security services to keep customers’ businesses growing. Institutional investors, traditional and alternative asset and fund managers, broker-dealers, and equity issuers are provided with these services such as custody, accounting, administration, ETF servicing, and many other helpful advisory and analytics solutions. 

J.P. Morgan Bank Canada


Who is J.P. Morgan Canada owned by?

J.P. Morgan Canada is a Canadian branch of the international investment bank, J.P. Morgan.

Is J.P. Morgan Canada legitimate?

Yes, J.P. Morgan is legitimate. All subdivisions, such as J.P. Morgan Commodities Canada Corporation or J.P. Morgan Securities Canada Inc., are registered on OPENGOVCA and Canada Business Registries.

What customers are served by J.P. Morgan Canada?

The bank serves only institutional customers such as corporations, governments, hedge funds, etc. Therefore, regular customers are not able to use their services.  

Does J.P. Morgan Canada offer a mobile application?

Yes. Several mobile apps for different customers require different products or services. There are some apps for individuals, markets, and payments. 

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J.P. Morgan Bank Canada service available provinces
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Yukon
  • Nunavut
J.P. Morgan Bank Canada service available provinces
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