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Go Auto


About lender

Go Auto is a large corporation dealing with a wide range of services for car owners. The corporation combines dealerships, insurance offers, and financing options such as auto financing, and provides maintenance services, selling, and trading-in. Go Auto comprises more than 50 dealerships, multiple repair and service centers, several reconditioning facilities, in-house finance and insurance departments, a loyalty and rewards program, and more.

The corporation's history goes back to 1960. Go Auto as it is now was established in 2008. The corporation specifies an end-to-end circle of services for current and potential car owners, it is keen on the provision of excellent services and covers all customer's needs relating to their vehicles.

Pros and cons


  • The corporation owns and operates dealerships for 22 new-vehicle brands to offer to interested Canadians, and works with more than a dozen lenders.

  • Lots of loan options are available for first-time car buyers, including assistance with credit score establishment, which is an advantage.

  • Go Auto combines a lot of its resources to accommodate most credit profiles, even those with past problems may get the required credit for a car.

  • There is a service of buying out the client's loan and refinancing it at a better rate and/or lower payments.

  • The service of a personal shopper is available to help to explore vehicles, compare their value, find the best deals, book appointments, and more.

  • Leasing service is on the list for those clients who prefer to drive a new vehicle every few years.

  • The company site is the largest inventory and auto outlet in Canada, it has over 7,300 vehicles, and continues to grow.

  • Customer service is available for 7 days, 24 hours.

  • The corporation states that there are no extra fees.

  • The Go Card Rewards and referral programs allow saving money on service and part bills and earning money on purchases of new cars following references.

  • Loaner vehicles are provided for free while the car bought at the company’s auto outlet is under the service.

  • In case of some issues with brand-new automobiles bought with Go Auto, a 30-day exchange privilege is offered with no extra charge.

  • Go Insurance division of the corporation except auto insurance offers home, travel, and commercial policies, their combination also saves a valid amount of money.

  • Go Finance in-house division introduces a wide range of loan programs, refinancing schemes, and financial solutions to meet the needs and living conditions of the client.


  • The interest rate could be up to 29.99%. This is a high percentage that is added to the cost of the vehicle annually.

  • The lowest rate offered for buying a pre-owned vehicle is 4.99% annually.

  • Go Auto uses the client's credit score to verify the reliability of the potential borrower, which may lead to less favorable conditions for those with not enough scores.

  • Car loan conditions and terms are not clear and transparent.

  • There are some negative reviews about the customer support team.

There are a lot of advantages Go Auto offers to their clients. Within an auto outlet, the corporation renders sell, purchase, and service, financial support, insurance coverage, car maintenance, and some others. As a lender, Go Auto provides a wide range of options and declares responsible policy, pushing the clients to understand the benefits available and choose the one bringing at least some benefits and making the person a happy vehicle owner. Customer service is available 7 days per week, which can make sense for many. The company, based on the circumstances, may agree to review the already provided financing scheme and search for more affordable complex solutions, the proficient team of the company's divisions would be happy to improve the options for the client.

Go Auto incorporates more than 50 dealers, giving the advantage of choosing the model with the specifications required among the cars in the inventory. Rewards and referral programs are marketing the corporation, giving support, and helping to save. Among the options, leasing is offered. This is a nice opportunity if the person prefers to drive a new vehicle and learn a new model. Besides, in case of some problems with the brand-new car, a 30-day exchange is offered with no extra charge.

In general, the corporation is marketing itself free of any extra fees or hidden commissions.

Meanwhile, among all goods, there are also disadvantages identified. One of the most vital is the annual interest rate. It is quite high and may reach up to mostly 30% of the borrowed amount. For pre-owned vehicles, the rate even starts from 4.99%. It is also a disadvantage that Go Auto, when proving its financing facilities, nevertheless verifies credit scores and is ready to help based on that data. So, the access of the interested customer to the loan may be limited by credit score anyhow. Like many companies and corporations, Go Auto is not very transparent with its content on loan terms and conditions as well as with its criteria for selection. The website does not tell much about this.

Loan conditions

Conditions for the first loan

Go Auto has a variety of loan options even for those who explore the possibility to buy their first vehicle and have no adequate credit score. There are several requirements that the customer should meet, including minimal annual income depending on the amount of the requested loan, valid driving license or identification documents, bank statements, and other information. Every loan is considered separately and conditions may change. The best way to understand what can be offered and calculate savings is to select the desired automobile and fill in the online form for pre-approval. The team initially works with the clients online, they check the status and current circumstances of the customer and offer the deals of the most possible value among the programs the enterprise practices.

Conditions for following loans

Go Auto supports a client-oriented policy, offering a payment scheme that the client can afford. The conditions for the following loans can be better, subject to some details and issues. The customer should follow the payment schedule to the full extent and inform the lender about any emergencies preventing this.

As no clear and transparent criteria for following loans are published, it is difficult to pick out some specific advantages.

Methods of a loan funding

Go Auto within its policy manages the process as a whole. Funding of the money necessary to buy the vehicle that the client wishes to get, assessment of the vehicle the client wishes to sell or change, looking for and providing proper and required funds for the vehicle, final registration, and services – all these actions are integral components of car purchase proceedings. Go Auto is not interested in making this process long and tries to speed it up. But there could be circumstances influencing the way it goes.


What is Go Auto?

Go Auto is a large enterprise providing a wide range of services for vehicle owners or those who are going to become car owners.

The company offers to buy a vehicle from a huge inventory or at any of more than 50 dealers and auto outlets, trade-in, or just sell the vehicle belonging to the client.

Besides, the enterprise provides a wide range of maintenance services such as an oil change, brake fix, fluids refill, tires rotating, filter replacement, and many others. Ordering of spare parts and tires is also available – the company sells more than 10 tire brands with a selection of snow, performance, and economy tires. Spare parts are ordered straight from the manufacturers; factory-trained and certified technicians are among team members.

The autobody repairs include a full-service solution for collision repair, lease return repairs, cosmetic touch-ups, and safety maintenance.

Lending and insurance are two more big directions in the company’s activity. The entity has its financing facilities allowing it to grant loans to customers with poor or weak credit scores, maintain its credit programs, and refinance already issued loans.

The in-house insurance division, besides car insurance, provides other types of insurance such as house, travel, etc. giving a discount for combined policies.

Who owns Go Auto?

Initially, in 1996, a Mike Priestner Auto Group (MPAG) company, established in 1960, purchased Kentwood Ford. Later on, MPAG bought Peace River Ford. Within the next ten years, the company was growing and by 2006 the 10th dealership location was added to the group.

In 2008, MPAG joined forces with the Ericksen Auto Group, they together formed Go Auto, one of Canada's largest dealership networks, with 20 locations selling both new and used vehicles.

In 2010, the company found a possibility to open a growth area in finance direction and initiated an in-house finance company – Go Finance. Since that time, Go Auto could lend the money to its clients by itself.

In 2011, Go auto acquired TIG insurance and, thus, increased its place in the vehicle market.

Nowadays, it’s a huge corporation, ensuring the full cycle of car services designed to make happy their clients.

How do you qualify for Go Auto?

To get approved for a car loan, a borrower must provide the following true and complete information:

  • Cost, age, and mileage of the car to buy;

  • His/her employment history, residence, and income;

  • His/her credit history, including credit score, debts, past payment history, etc.;

  • Information on down payment – cash down payment and trade-in equity

Legal provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba.

How much can you borrow from Go Auto?

The amount to borrow is calculated according to the rule of thumb from many financial institutions, saying that the vehicle payment should not be more than a certain part of gross monthly income. So, the maximum amount to borrow depends on gross monthly income.

Is Go Auto a legitimate company?

Yes, no doubt the company is fully legitimate with proper registration and follows all the applicable rules and regulations of Canada. It participates in social activities and receives awards and recognitions. The company keeps its accounts on social nets and publishes a lot of information there, conducting contests and sweepstakes.

Company documents


We have one of the largest vehicle inventories in Canada, and a team of personal shoppers to help you compare vehicles, find the best deals, book appointments, and more. Shopping for a vehicle doesn’t have to be stressful. At Go Auto, we make the process as easy as possible.

© Go Auto

Calculate loan payments in Go Auto

Go Auto calculator will allow you to calculate an approximate payment schedule for the loan

Loan amount

Enter the desired loan amount

1000 $
50000 $
Loan term

Specify the loan term for the calculation


What to pay attention to when applying for a loan from Go Auto

  1. The company must have a license if it runs business in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
  2. You can check the availability of the relevant license (copy) at the branch of the lending company.
  3. Membership in a self-regulatory organization (SRO) is an additional guarantee of the reliability of the lending company. This information can also be checked at the company's branch or on its official website.
  4. Availability of lending policies.
  5. The procedure for applying for a loan.
  6. The procedure for concluding the loan agreement and receiving the payment schedule.
  7. Other conditions for granting loans.

We recommend

  1. To check out the interest rates and frequency. 
  2. Check the availability of individual terms in the loan agreement (principal amount, term, date of advance, etc.).
  3. Check whether the loan agreement contains information about the total cost of borrowing.
  4. Take time to think – you can change your mind before agreeing or signing a loan agreement.
  5. Speed of loan processing.
  6. Accessibility – alternative lenders often operate where there are no bank branches.
  7. For the borrower - high interest on the loan.
  8. For an investor, the safety of funds is not guaranteed by the state.

What distinguishes Go Auto from banks:

  1. Simplicity - loan processing is less formalized than in a bank.
  2. Fast loan processing.
  3. Accessibility.
  4. For the borrower - high interest on the loan.
  5. For an investor, the safety of funds is not guaranteed by the state.
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