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GBC pay off

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Repaying a General Bank of Canada loan can be done through various methods. You can make payments online via their website or by initiating a loan balance/payout request. Alternatively, you may visit a General Bank branch to pay in person with cash or cheque. Additionally, payments can be made through other banks via transfer or bill payment. Ensure to provide the necessary account details and verify transactions to avoid errors. Whether it's through online banking, in-person payments, or transfers, ensuring payments are made promptly and accurately is essential to keeping your loan account in good standing.

Make payments online through the bank account

Currently, General Bank of Canada's online banking service is unavailable. However, you can still manage your loan by accessing specific services on their website. Follow these steps to make a loan balance/payout request:

  1. Visit General Bank of Canada's Website. Go to the General Bank of Canada (GBC) website using your internet browser.

  2. Access GBC Online Services. While General Bank of Canada's online banking service is currently unavailable, you can still manage your loan by accessing specific services. Look for the "GBC Online" section on the website.

  3. Select "Loan Balance/Payout Request". Within the GBC Online section, locate and click on the option for "Loan Balance/Payout Request."

  4. Provide Required Information. You'll need to input certain details to proceed with the request. This typically includes the primary last name or business name on the contract, phone number, and VIN or GBC loan number on the contract.

  5. Choose Reason for Request. Select the reason for your payout information request from the options provided.

  6. View Payout Information. After entering the necessary information and selecting the reason for your request, click on the "View Payout Information" button to proceed.

Make payments through the app

To make payments through the GBC app, please note that there is currently no app available from General Bank of Canada. However, you can still manage your loan by following the instructions to make a loan balance/payout request, as detailed above.

Make payments through a different bank

Making General Bank of Canada (GBC) loan payments through a different bank typically involves setting up a transfer or bill payment from your bank account to your GBC loan account. While there may not be official information available on this specific process, generally, you would need to contact your bank for guidance on how to proceed.

Here's a general outline of how you might make GBC loan payments through a different bank:

  1. Contact Your Bank. Reach out to your bank's customer service or visit your nearest branch to inquire about making payments to an external loan account, such as one with General Bank of Canada.

  2. Provide GBC Account Information. Your bank will likely ask for details about your GBC loan account, such as the account number and any specific payment instructions provided by GBC.

  3. Set Up Transfer or Bill Payment. Depending on your bank's procedures, you may need to set up a one-time or recurring transfer from your bank account to your GBC loan account. This can often be done through your bank's online banking platform, mobile app, or by speaking with a bank representative.

  4. Verify Payment Details. Before finalizing the payment setup, double-check all the information provided, including the GBC account number and payment amount, to ensure accuracy.

  5. Complete Payment. Once the transfer or bill payment is set up, your bank will process the payment according to the instructions you provided. Be sure to monitor your bank account and GBC loan account to confirm that the payment has been successfully processed.


Making General Bank of Canada (GBC) loan payments via an ATM may not have official instructions available, but generally, you can follow these steps:

  1. Locate an ATM. Find an ATM that is affiliated with your bank or a network that allows transfers to external accounts.

  2. Insert Your Debit Card. Insert your debit card into the ATM and enter your PIN to access your account.

  3. Select "Transfer" or "Payment" Option. Navigate through the ATM menu to find the option for transferring funds or making payments.

  4. Enter GBC Account Information. You will likely need to enter the account number for your GBC loan account. If there is an option to save payees or external accounts, you may be able to do this for future payments.

  5. Specify Payment Amount. Input the amount you wish to pay toward your GBC loan.

  6. Confirm Transaction. Review the details of your transaction to ensure accuracy, including the account information and payment amount.

  7. Complete Transaction. Once you've verified the details, confirm the transaction to initiate the payment.

  8. Collect Receipt. After the transaction is processed, collect your receipt from the ATM for your records.

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