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About lender

Easylease is a Canadian corporation founded in 1997 to provide Canadian businesses with equipment leasing and financing solutions. They offer different and creatively structured financial services that help businesses grow and evolve. The company has operated for over 20 years, and now they place transactions from as little as $5,000 to $50 million. Not only does Easylease provide new and used equipment to Canadian entrepreneurs, but it also offers different financial solutions. They also have vendor programs and provide their vendors with custom-designed portals with business-to-business connections and reporting. The company also cooperates with different businesses and provides them with almost all types of inventory.


The company’s main specialization is leasing. Easylease supports small, medium, and enterprise businesses with financial solutions. It offers different leasing services such as equipment leasing, lease line of credit, receivable financing, asset-based leasing, sale-leasebacks, and business loans from $20,000 up to $10 million.

Easylease cooperates with multi-level companies from different industries all across the country so that many customers can apply.

The company has a very high approval ratio: 95%. Also, the company has developed particular vendors’ programs and provides them with unique services. What is more, their approvals are rapid. Customers can receive the company’s response on the same day and be approved for amounts under $50,000 within several minutes.

Moreover, the company even deals with relatively new businesses and start-ups that have been in business for less than one year.

If customers decide to buy the equipment after the end of the leasing period, the company will allow them to do it but only at the end of the term.

Pros and cons


  • The company deals with small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

  • Leasing and financing options can be provided even to new businesses and start-ups that exist for less than one year.

  • The company offers not only leasing options but also business loans.

  • Easylease offers new and used equipment for lease.

  • The company has a high approval ratio: 95%.

  • Customers can be approved for amounts under $50,000 within several minutes after applying.

  • The company’s leases are tax-deductible.

  • The company has specially constructed and designed vendors’ leasing programs.

  • Leasing doesn’t affect customers’ lines of credit.


  • The company deals only with businesses.

  • If customers want to end up the leasing term earlier, they may face some problems.

  • The company may require a considerable number of documents.

  • The company only offers a monthly payment schedule.

To sum up, there are some significant advantages. The company deals not only with big businesses but also relatively new ones and start-ups. They also provide financing and leasing options that can attract customers.

However, Easylease has some disadvantages. Their customers must only be entrepreneurs and have businesses. Also, if they would like to end the lease earlier, they may face some problems as such an option may be advisable only under rare circumstances.

Loan conditions

To apply for the company’s financial or leasing services, usually, customers need to make three steps. Firstly, they must fill out the online credit application and wait for the company’s response. Secondly, if approved, Easylease will obtain the supplier's equipment quotation and send drafts of the documents that must be signed up. Finally, customers must sign the papers, send them back, and prepare for receiving equipment.

Customers must be older than 18, be Canadians and own a business that must be active for at least two years. However, there are some services for businesses that have existed for less than one year. The company may require documents such as Commercial Credit Application that shows company registration type, time in business, address, etc., bank statements, personal net worth statements, and other supporting documentation. However, some of them may be required only on certain occasions.

The interest rate is 4,5%. Terms vary between 24 and 72 months. Currently, Easylease places transactions from $5,000 to $50 million. Credit eligibility: ‘A’ to Sub Prime.

Methods of loan funding

As soon as customers get approved, they will receive the equipment via delivery. If they have chosen a loan, they will receive the borrowed amount by e-transfer, direct deposit, or cheque.


What is Easylease?

Easylease is a Canadian leasing and financing company that provides Canadian businesses with the required equipment. The company also offers financial products such as business loans and custom-designed and branded portals for its vendor partners. It was founded in 1997.

Who owns Easylease?

Easylease is a privately held company. David Carmichael is President and CEO of Easylease Corp.

How do you qualify for Easylease?

To qualify for one of the leasing or financial services provided by the company, customers need to be older than 18, be Canadians and own a business that must be active for at least two years. Also, documents such as Commercial Credit Application showing company registration type, time in business, address, etc.; bank statements, personal net worth statements, and other supporting documentation may be required.   

How much can you borrow from Easylease?

If customers choose one of the company’s loan options, the maximum borrowable amount is from $20,000 to $10,000,000. As for the lines of credit, you may borrow up to $1,000,000. In addition, within receivable financing, you can count on 90% of the face value of your outstanding invoices advanced by Easylease.

Is it a legitimate company?

Easylease is a legitimate company. The business number is 868946146. The registry ID is 1364233. 

Company documents

Privacy Policy

We strive to build solid relationships with the best financing partners across Canada. 

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