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Atlantic Edge app

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Atlantic Edge at Google Play


Atlantic Edge at Google Play

Atlantic Edge at App Store


Atlantic Edge at App Store

How to download the Atlantic Edge Mobile App

Atlantic Edge Credit Union mobile application is available for free for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac through App Store or for Android smartphones through Google Play. 

Currently available as the «LECU Mobile» and «Eagle River Mobile» from Leading Edge Credit Union Ltd. and Eagle River Credit Union, respectively. The new logo and branding are being updated. 

For iPhone users:

  1. Using your iPhone, type in the App Store search bar «Atlantic Edge Credit Union.» 

  2. Select the app icon and verify that the app's author is Atlantic Edge Credit Union Ltd. 

  3. Tap the icon marked «Free,» then tap again when it changes to «Install.» 

  4. The app will begin installing. Press the «Open» button in the App Store, or find it on your home screen and tap to open.  

For Android Users:

  1. Using your Android phone, tap the search icon and type in the search bar «Atlantic Edge Credit Union» in Google Play. 

  2. Select the app icon and verify that the app's author is Atlantic Edge Credit Union. 

  3. Tap the icon marked «Install,» then tap «Accept» on the next screen. 

  4. The app will begin installing. Press the «Open» button in Google Play, or find it on your home screen and tap to open. 

iPhone and iPod touch requires iOS 11.0 or later.

iPad requires iPadOS 11.0 or later.

Mac requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.

Android devices require Android 6.0 or later. 

How to use the Atlantic Edge Mobile App 

Download the Atlantic Edge CU mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, launch the app, touch «Login,» and then enter your Personal Access Code (PAC), the same membership details, and the password you use for online banking. 

If you have already worked with the Leading Edge CU or the Eagle River CU mobile app, you can continue it with your login credentials. 

To use the Atlantic Edge Credit Union Mobile App, you must be a credit union member registered for Online Banking. 

If you are not an online banking member, you can still use the Branch/ATM locator, Rates, and Contact Us information. 


Atlantic Edge Mobile App lets you:

  • Check account balances

  • Manage multiple accounts 

  • View transaction history

  • Transfer funds now or later

  • Set up recurring transfers

  • Send INTERAC e-Transfers via email or text 

  • Request money 

  • Import contacts from your smartphone and add them as INTERAC e-Transfer recipients

  • Pay bills now or later

  • Add and delete payees

  • View and edit scheduled transactions 

  • Use Lock’N’Block to block your card anytime 

  • Locate branches and ATMs with GPS locator

  • Use QuickView to view accounts balances without logging in 

  • Deposit cheques using Deposit Anywhere 

  • View messages and notifications from the Credit Union

  • Use FaceID or TouchID

  • Contact your branch 

  • Access financial calculators without the need to login into the mobile banking app


How to apply for a loan in the Atlantic Edge Mobile App?

You can't apply for an Atlantic Edge CU loan or line of credit through the mobile app. However, you could apply with the Atlantic Edge Online Banking account. 

To apply online:

  1. Open the website, choose the needed product and click the «Apply Now Online» button. 

  2. Fill out a loan application. Then, if you are not an Atlantic Edge Credit Union member, tap the «Apply for a membership as well» box. 

  3. Choose the loan type, amount, payment frequency, and purpose. 

  4. Enter your personal contact, address, employment, and financial information. 

You may also visit a local branch, call 1-877-377-3728, or email [email protected].

How to extend a loan in the Atlantic Edge Mobile App?

Atlantic Edge CU allows you to make early and extra loan payments anytime, in any amount, and as often as you want without penalties.

There is an opportunity to purchase loan insurance in advance to protect you and your family in the case of death and disability. 

If you can't make your loan payment, contact the credit union as soon as possible via phone at 1-877-377-3728 or email at [email protected].

How to pay in the Atlantic Edge Mobile App?

Atlantic Edge CU mobile app is designed to make payments and transfers in real-time or plan them, send Interac e-Transfers, set up recurring payments and transfers, and manage payees. 

To pay bills:

  1. Launch the app, and log in.

  2. Then, select «Pay Bills» from the main menu. 

  3. Tap «Account» to choose an account you want to make payment from and «Payee» to set up an account to make a payment to. 

  4. Tap «Amount» to input the sum of your payment. 

  5. If you make a scheduled or recurring payment, choose the payment date. 

  6. Tap «Pay This Bill.» 

  7. Review the transaction information. 

  8. Select «Confirm» to send.

How to restore access to the Atlantic Edge Mobile app?

You can't change your account info or reset your Personal Access Code (PAC) with the mobile app. Use online banking to set up 2-step verification. You may reset your forgotten password: 

  1. Go to the online banking login page and press the «Forgot Password?» link. 

  2. Verify yourself. Enter your member number (PAN), SIN (last three digits), or date of birth. Click the «Continue» button. 

You may also fill out a secure online contact form at the website or call 1-888-273-3488 for assistance with Member Direct service.

How to delete the Atlantic Edge Mobile app?

To delete the mobile app from your mobile device, go to App Store or Google Play, choose the application and click «Uninstall.» Or tap and hold your finger down on the mobile app icon, then tap the «X» in the top right corner. Unfortunately, your data can't be deleted. To delete your account, contact Atlantic Edge Credit Union.

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