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Laurentian Bank Car Loans of october 2023

Apply for Car Loans from Laurentian Bank verified by our specialists. On 03.10.2023 you have access to 1 car loans with a low rate. Increase your chances of getting money — fill out a multi-application with a free credit rating check.
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1 to 5 years
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5000 C$
200000 C$
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Car Loan Application Online of October 2023
Cost of the vehicle:
5000 C$
100000 C$

You are able to get car loan with discount. You can receive money in: 15m

Car Loan Application Online of October 2023Car Loan Application Online of October 2023Car Loan Application Online of October 2023Car Loan Application Online of October 2023Car Loan Application Online of October 2023
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0 C$
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0 months
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Here is the average Car Loan overpayment on 03.10.2023 from lenders in Canada.

1 393 C$

Types of Laurentian Bank of Canada car loans

  • Car loans

With a car loan from Laurentian Bank, you can finance a purchase of a new or pre-owned car at a fixed interest rate. If you are buying a used car, it should be no older than five years to qualify for a loan.

The minimum amount to borrow with an auto loan is $7,500. When borrowing $7,500-$15,000, your interest rate will be 13.500%. If your loan amount is higher than $15,000, your interest rate will be 12.000%. Once approved, you will repay your car loan in fixed monthly installments.

Car loans from Laurentian Bank are available for terms of one to five years. The early repayment of an auto loan is penalty-free.

Optionally, you can add loan insurance products like life and disability products to your car loan. These products will ensure coverage of your financial obligations in the event of disability or loss of life.

How to apply for a Laurentian Bank of Canada car loan?

There is no option to apply for a car loan from Laurentian Bank online. To apply, call a Laurentian Bank advisor at 1-877-522-3863 to request additional information and schedule an appointment. Then, you will need to visit a branch near you in person.


To qualify for a Laurentian Bank auto loan, you must be a Canadian resident of the age of majority in your province or territory.

When visiting a Laurentian Bank branch to apply for a loan, bring the following documents with you:

  • A valid government-issued photo ID — such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Proof of income or employment — such as pay stubs or bank statements
  • Documents verifying your employment information, housing expenses, assets you own, and financial liabilities you have

Pros and cons

Let’s outline the benefits of Laurentian Bank auto loans:

  • Competitive fixed interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms 
  • Penalty-free early payoff

Here are the drawbacks to keep in mind:

  • The lack of an online application
  • No option to apply for a vehicle loan at a dealership
  • A minimum loan amount of $7,500 

How to make a payment?

Laurentian Bank offers several ways to make a car loan payment:

  • Through your LBCDirect online banking account
  • Via the Laurentian Bank mobile app
  • Through Laurentian Bank telephone banking
  • At a Laurentian Bank ATM
  • In person at a Laurentian Bank branch near you


What will my Laurentian Bank car loan payments look like?

A car loan payment calculator will help you estimate your monthly payment. To proceed with calculations, plug in your auto loan details into the calculator — the loan amount, interest rate, payment frequency, and term. The calculator will estimate your monthly payment amount and the interest you will pay throughout the lifetime of your loan.

How to check my outstanding car loan balance?

You can check the outstanding balance on your car loan through LBCDirect INTERNET — an online banking platform from Laurentian Bank. Sign in to your banking account and select your car loan from the list of products.

If you haven’t signed up for LBCDirect INTERNET yet, you can call Laurentian Bank customer service at 1-877-522-3863 to request information about your current auto loan balance.

Once I have a car loan approved, where can I find detailed information about it?

After Laurentian Bank has issued a car loan for you, all the details about your loan will be stated in your loan agreement.

If you enroll in LBCDirect INTERNET (an online banking platform from Laurentian Bank), you can check your loan details online at any time. Sign in to your online banking account, select your car loan on the list of products, and go to the “SHOW MORE ACCOUNT DETAILS” subsection. From there, you will be able to see such details as your loan number, branch number, account number to debit, loan category, borrowed amount, interest rate, loan term, and more.

Does Laurentian Bank charge early prepayment penalties?

There are no penalties for making prepayments or paying off your car loan in full ahead of schedule at Laurentian Bank. So, whenever you have extra cash, you can make lump-sum prepayments or repay your outstanding loan balance in full, without any charges

If I add disability insurance to my car loan, what will be the maximum insurable amount?

If you add disability insurance to your car loan, you can count on the maximum insurable amount of $2,500 per month. The maximum disability period allowed is 60 months. There are no limits on the number of disability periods.