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CIBC car loan calculator

CIBC car loan calculator online in 2023. How to figure out a car loan yourself?

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Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CIBC) Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CIBC)
Calculation according to the vehicle value
Calculation according to the loan amount
Calculate the car loan
Interest rates are given in accordance with the rates of the bank in Ottawa as of 25.03.2023
Loan amount

Specify the desired loan amount

7500 C$
100000 C$
CIBC car loan calculator CIBC car loan calculator CIBC car loan calculator CIBC car loan calculator CIBC car loan calculator
Loan amount

Loan amount

7500 C$
100000 C$
Down payment

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3.5 %
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Fill out an application for a car loan online!
Fill out an application for a car loan online!

Take advantage of our car loan selection system with a free credit rating check!

What is the CIBC car loan calculator?

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce aims to generate value for its shareholders by producing consistent and sustainable earnings simultaneously, achieving strategic growth. It offers a wide range of banking services, CIBC online banking, issues bank cards, CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite card, and various bank loans for businesses and individuals. One of the types of loans is the car loan because the purchase of new or used vehicles is still popular.

Buying a vehicle is related to the basic need to be flexible and independent to reach places when needed and when you want, without following the public transport schedule.

CIBC offers three options for financing the purchase of a car:

It is up to borrowers to decide which financing instrument is best for them. To simplify this process, CIBS has provided a loan calculator that allows you to test your loan scenarios and see possible numbers and the impact of the loan on your budget.

An auto loan calculator is an online tool that allows you to quickly calculate loan numbers with minimal effort on the borrower's part and maximum accuracy, thanks to the correct formula in the calculator.

Reference! The auto loan calculator cannot replace professional financial advice, it cannot provide you with the information equivalent to an appointment with a bank loan specialist, and it cannot analyze your risk profile. Therefore, while the results are mathematically correct, they should not be used as the sole basis for your financial and investment decisions.

Why do you need the CIBC car loan calculator?

It helps to see alternatives and evaluate multiple car loan factors:

In fact, you will know all this even before you decide to find a branch, file a loan application, and commit to the lender. Such an approach helps to get a favorable loan and pay off your loan without burdening yourself. A car loan calculator is one of the tools which help conquer your goals.

In fact, you are getting answers to many of your questions just by opening a window in your browser and entering data into the car loan calculator.

How to use the CIBC car loan calculator?

The car loan calculator is easy to use. When customers open a new window, they must enter some information.

  1. First and foremost, it is the vehicle price (including taxes). The calculator allows entering amounts up to $100,000;

  2. how much of your own money you intend to put into the car purchase (down payment);

  3. whether you plan to trade in the vehicle or not;

  4. the trade-in value the dealer is offering for your used car (this field is optional);

  5. current loan balance (if any) under the existing loan;

  6. The value of the interest rate field can be changed but will initially have a value of 4.99%;

  7. Incentives (discount or cashback offered by the merchant that may reduce the required loan amount);

If you are interested in comparing multiple loans, you must check "Yes" in the numerous loan comparison field.

As a result, you will see:

You can run the calculator as often as needed, testing different car values and trade-in or no trade-in options to see how this would affect your loan amount and the future cost. You can test the payment frequency parameters to see what schedule works best for you given your pay frequency, etc. Seeing the result of your calculation, you may determine what loan type is your best choice now: CIBC personal line of credit or CIBC personal loan, or vehicle loan.
Note: You can only get precise figures of your loan upon your credit risk check, including credit history.

What is an approximate auto loan rate in Canada?

From the borrower's creditworthiness perspective, the average interest rate for a car loan can be within 7.4. This means that customers with a high credit score can obtain financing for less than 4%, but a poor credit score can be a reason for the interest rate on loans to increase up to 15%.

The bank or the dealer can obtain the personal interest rate and the car loan offer.

How much is a $20.000 car payment monthly?

To answer this question, we need to make some assumptions to make it easier:

  • the value of the car is $20,000;

  • no trade-in and no outstanding balance on another car loan;

  • the down payment is $2,000;

  • at 3.99%, the monthly payment would be $331;

  • total interest $1,885.

If under the same conditions, the borrower had a lower credit score, the outcome would be the following:

The monthly installment is $382, whereas the total interest amount would be $4,947.

What is the average interest rate on a car loan with a 600 credit score?

A credit score of 600 is considered a fair credit score. On average, car loans are more expensive for such customers, and if it is your credit score, you should be ready to pay about 10% to the bank that finances the purchase of your vehicle.

  • The cheapest loans are for excellent credit score clients (800-900) - 3,49%.

  • A very good credit score (720-799) can count on approximately on 3,99%.

  • A Good credit score clients (650-719) usually pay less than 5%, whereas the most expensive loans (15%) are disbursed to clients who have a poor credit score (less than 599).