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Capital One app



Capital One Bank offers customers to download its mobile application that simplifies managing their finances. Customers with iOS or Android smartphones can easily download it from the App Store and Google Play. They can use it to access their virtual cards securely and use it as they wish, for example, to make purchases online without using their actual card number. Also, they can see how many rewards they’ve racked up and quickly redeem their rewards right within the app. Moreover, customers can find a built-in Capital One assistant in the app to help them keep track of their finances by sending notifications.

Moreover, taking loans, ordering credit cards, and opening accounts in the mobile app are possible without visiting the office. Customers can pay their bills within a couple of taps or set up an AutoPay - the function that would automatically pay their bills. They can simply send and receive money transfers and deposit checks by taking a photo in the app.

Generally, the bank’s mobile app gives customers access to their bank accounts. As a result, they can manage their finances, make necessary payments and order the financial products provided by Capital One Bank without visiting the office. iOS and Android versions of the application have almost similar functions, but there are some differences in the interface’s design.

How to download?

Customers can easily download the bank’s application using iOS or Android. They can type the bank's name in the search field or find a required link on Capital One Bank’s website. The application is called Capital One Mobile.

Capital One at Google Play


Capital One at App Store


How to use?

First of all, customers need to pass the verification. Then, they will need to enter their username and password. Then they can set up the verification via a fingerprint or face scanner; after that, customers can use the application just like if they visited the bank. They can order a new credit card or apply for a loan. They can pay bills or make other payments. They can send and receive money transfers from across the country. This application is needed for customers to stay on top of their spending and view enhanced transactions in real-time. Also, they can use other helpful services such as CreditWise, which allows them to see their credit scores for free or lock their credit or debit cards if they were stolen or lost. The application is available 24/7, so customers can use it anytime and anywhere.


How to apply for a loan In the app?

Unfortunately, there is no clear information on how to apply for a loan using the app.  It is important to note that Capital One Bank doesn’t offer personal loans, they provide car or business loans. In this case, customers can easily apply for these loans by visiting the website and choosing the one they need. Afterward, they must click the “Get Pre-qualified” button and follow the directions.

How to extend a loan in the app?

Unfortunately, Capital One Bank doesn’t provide enough information on extending a loan using the mobile app. However, the loan extension depends on the type of loan customers take. These are car loans, business loans, student loans, or others. To find out more details, contact customer support.

How to restore access to the app? 

The bank has several solutions to help customers restore app access. Firstly, they need to provide the bank with their information and click the “Find Me” button. Finally, to reset the password, they Must press the “Reset the password” button and follow the directions.

How to delete the app?

If customers decide to delete the mobile app, they can simply do it on their phones. That can be done in the phone’s settings or home screen. 

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