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Online calculator

Fill out a loan application online!
Fill out a loan application online!

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What is an online calculator?

It is great if someone is brilliant in math and he or she can solve any equation and calculate needed things in a blink of an eye. But let us be realistic, we are usually pretty spoiled with gadgets and prefer to save effort if possible. Probably advanced math problems do not reach us in everyday life, but simple conversions, calculations of miles needed, materials needed, monthly installments, interest earned, and many other situations require accuracy. Years ago, people always had a battery calculator in their pockets, but today, thanks to technology, we can use online services. The online calculator is one of those useful tools.

It is available anywhere and anytime you have access to your cell phone or smartphone, desktop or notebook, iPad, etc.

One of the main advantages is that you can find all the functions in one gadget. If you need a financial calculator instead of a regular calculator, you just need to change the mode and you are ready to start. Such applications are free and handy, so they will not burden your budget with monthly costs, which is good news in our age of consumption when income is often distributed before the salary arrives in the account.

Major types of online calculators

Both a simple calculator and an online calculator are distinguished by the type of functions they offer. They can be simple mathematical tasks or complex tasks for engineers or other professions. Once you know what you need and what functions different calculators offer, you can choose which calculator is more suitable for you.

The main types of calculators according to their form are:

Scientific calculator

If your work or study involves math, science, surveying, medicine, architecture, or engineering, it means you have to deal with complex tasks. To save time and check the accuracy, it pays to have an advanced tool to help you. For some classes, a scientific calculator is even required and a simple calculator won't be sufficient.

Scientific calculators can do both: simple math solutions, serious logarithms, trigonometry, etc. You will get the most out of it if you learn all the available functions you need.

It is very convenient for working with:

Another feature of the scientific calculator that is important not only for students is the high accuracy. Your result can be saved and remain there for you. The keyboard and input of the online calculator are similar to the classic one with buttons. Loading is quick and you can work instantly with negative and positive functions, needed period, enjoying no limit on digits.

Financial calculator

The financial calculator can perform standard calculations and more. It has some similarities with the scientific calculator, but its functions are mainly intended for solving tasks related to financial issues, trade, and various businesses. This means that you can perform quick and accurate calculations with this tool to find:

With the financial calculator, you can directly and quickly calculate things related to your work in the field of finance and economics. It gives you much more compared to the plain ability to subtract or multiply. In addition, if you need certain functions for your studies or business, you can program them and quickly solve them by clicking the corresponding buttons and entering the numbers required for the calculation. Depending on how advanced your financial calculator is, additionally you'll even be able to graph the results and use them in your presentations. You are not limited by the memory of a plain calculator when using an online one.

Percentage calculator

We live in a dynamic world, and to evaluate some changes it is helpful to calculate percentages of the original or current indices. Of course, this can be calculated manually or with a normal calculator, but for time and precision reasons we can always use a percentage calculator.

What percent can it calculate? All types, for example:

There are many examples of practical applications of calculating percentages in day-to-day life.

In other words, there are countless situations where you need to calculate a percentage, and using a percentage calculator is much more convenient than using a regular calculator or notebook. All you need to do is open the app or the website and select the option you want, enter your data, and in a few moments, you have the result as simple as possible.

Loan calculator

Applying for a loan is a serious decision. One of the legal requirements is to make the terms of the loan clear and understandable. For this reason, lenders often provide a loan calculator on their websites. This allows for more efficient comparison of loan terms.
You can also use other external services to check if you get the same result as you can find on the lender's website. In case there is a discrepancy, you have the option to ask the lender why the result does not match and make sure you are aware of all fees. Simply enter the loan amount, term, APR, fees, one-time commissions, own contribution, etc. in the appropriate fields and let the calculator work out the result for you. Some loans require more options to be considered: for example, car title loans require to specify the model year of the car, or other property that serves as collateral.

Usually, loan calculators are divided into three major groups:

Let us take a closer look at their main features and what makes them different from each other.

Mortgage Calculator

A loan calculator can provide many answers to those who want to buy a property but either do not have sufficient funds or want to keep some of their savings and use borrowed money instead. As a rule, such loans are long-term and you should make sure that you have tied yourself to a tolerable yoke.

You make your own decision, but with a loan calculator, you can maximize the offers and benefits of the credit market.

The advantage of the loan calculator is that it is very easy to use, even if you do not know the basics of financial calculations, types of %, etc. If you have all the initial data, you will get the results in a few seconds. Usually, you need to know:

As a result, you will get an approximate monthly payment (if you look carefully, all loan calculators emphasize that only the manager makes an accurate calculation when you apply for a loan). It is very convenient if the loan calculator can calculate the monthly installments before you sign the loan agreement and evaluate your prospects.

Using a loan calculator gives you the advantage of being able to foresee your financial future and plan to increase income or cut some expenses if necessary. Accurate calculations are something like bringing order to a jumble of numbers to provide clarity and make a weighted decision.

Student Loan Calculator

Taking up a course of study opens up bright prospects for the future, but you will have to make considerable efforts until you graduate. Not only academically, but also to cover tuition costs if you have not covered them through scholarships or savings. Over 4-5 years, tuition can be quite high, and if you are considering student loans, you can use a free calculator online. If you know you are eligible for financing, you can check how much it would cost per month and how you can plan to distribute your income. Even before you apply for a loan, you can play with the loan term. This way, you can find out what amount you can pay without being limited in the things you need, and after that decide which lender is willing to offer such terms.

Usually, you need to enter such simple data as:

After you click "Calculate," you'll see the amount you would have to pay in principal and interest. Some student loan calculators give you the option to compare the interest rate. You can also add additional payments to see their impact. The student loan calculator result is even more accurate if you know your annual household income.

Auto Loan Calculator

Even before you go to the bank or another lender, you can get a preliminary estimate for a major investment in your new car. The car loan calculator calculates several things:

You can compare several options and decide on where to apply for a loan from the comfort of your home or other location. It's helpful to know that you have several options.

Knowing your alternatives will help you get the best possible loan offer.

Why do you need an online calculator?

Online calculators are needed to make your calculations fast, easy and accurate. With different types of online calculators, you can easily go online and solve your equation, calculate a function, and get an estimate for your credit prospects or figures for budgeting. If you know your goal and how to use such tools, you can perform any calculation with the accuracy you choose (decimals or however you want). You can have the solution displayed graphically. The things mentioned above are just some of the benefits of using a simple or free online calculator. Calculators are used by students and teachers, scientists, and other professionals because they save time and effort for your project. If you are allowed to use a scientific calculator on a math exam or test, you can check yourself and make sure that your solution is correct. And one more thing: of course, we are not safe from human error, but using calculators can minimize it. The calculator just does its job and does not have any bad days, except for low battery or problems with internet access.

How to use an online calculator for loans

The online loan calculator is easy to use. You can use the calculator that lenders offer on their website or search online for another calculator that is suitable for you. To start the calculation, you should enter the initial data, usually, basic fields are mandatory. You should fill in the following:

Then just click "Calculate" and you'll get your result.

If it's a mortgage loan, you may be asked if you :

The advantage of the online loan calculator is that you can test different variants yourself and prepare for the visit to the bank or other lender.

Comparing loans with an online calculator

Lenders offer different loan terms, and to reassure the picture of your analysis, you also need to make calculations. Online loan calculators can provide much more than just information about monthly rates. You can also compare 2 or more loans in one tab online. You enter the loan amount, term, and interest rate for the first and subsequent loan options and get a visual comparison in the convenient form.

If you are not quite sure which lender to apply to, you can select another option that will provide you with information on what is most important when deciding on a lender:

You may be asked to provide your approximate credit score (if you know it).

In addition, you may even compare the same lender but their different loan products or loan terms.

What is the online calculator?

The online calculator is a website created for calculations, comparisons, and analysis. It can perform calculations with the required precision, quickly, and without the need to be installed. All you need is a browser with Internet access.

How does an online calculator work?

An online calculator is a web page that usually functions in a separate tab of your browser and can sometimes be an integral part of a business website of a bank, a payday loan organization, a credit union, etc.

Whether it is a separate web page or not, you will need to enter the address of the online calculator, open the link of the web page, enter data, and retrieve your calculation results. The online calculator makes a significant part of your calculation tasks to save tour time.

If you need to make a correction or new calculation you can just hit the clear entry button.

Can I use an online calculator to know what my loan payments will be?

The loan calculator is a very handy tool to calculate the amount of your future loan payments, the interest to be paid, and the amount of the loan. You can evaluate your loan burden online and make a balanced decision about applying for a loan.